Musings for Today: Delayed Gratification

Between the crazy recapping schedule and work, I’ve put The King 2 Hearts recapping and viewing on hold for the past few days.


For some reason, Standby and even Rooftop Prince seem to be like light, fluffy, and sweet desserts that I can polish off rather quickly whereas The King 2 Hearts requires more time to savor and digest…like a juicy steak dinner that can’t be rushed in less than an hour. And since I love K2H, I’m refusing to be rushed.

So I hope you’ll remain patient as I chug through the rest of this week with grading and the occasional recaps of the “fluffy” dessert shows (Hope I don’t offend anyone by calling Rooftop Prince fluffy LOL) until I have some decently uninterrupted time to properly enjoy my The King 2 Hearts. 

And you know what people say about delayed gratification…Good things come to those who wait. 😉 That’s what I’m telling myself as I build up the suspense of ep. 8, 9, and 10, which I will try to watch and recap before ep. 11 airs next week. That’s my plan…let’s hope I can make good on that plan! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Delayed Gratification”

  1. And I feel better knowing someone else feels the same way. I can wait for K2H as it just has a bit more meat to it and worth it. RTP I cannot wait for, I need to know what happens, which proves I have a sweet tooth 😉

  2. **sits patiently** for both dramas to finish before I start, hehe
    Just can’t start and wait every week and I am actually in that situation now because I went and started on God Of War
    Haish now stuck at episode 15 waiting for the subs!!

    Ended up watching Strong Heart with YG Family
    Am actually now hooked on Big Bang, lol
    Those boys are good!
    My ring tone is now stuck on Blue!
    Will probably start watching History of Salryman tonight and marathon over the weekend, hhehe
    Enjoy your weekend too:)

  3. Stand By is the perfect medicine for me after watching both RP and K2H. (LOL) Even though K2H sticks in my mind longer and I eagerly wait for the next one – Stand By is slowly worming it’s way into my heart. *hee* I’m delighted you’re enjoying it too and pray it holds your interest for recapping!
    Yes, K2H was major angst for me this week. *sob*

  4. Hm, for me it’s more a matter of degree, because although I wouldn’t necessarily categorise Rooftop Prince as fluffy, it’s certainly fluffier than King 2 Hearts. And King 2 Hearts is fluffier than Equator Man, and Equator Man is fluffier than- No, wait, Equator Man is fluff-free, like the ideal washing machine (and just as spinny).

    I can’t watch King 2 Hearts right now, because I wince just reading the recaps; I need to wait until something that could provide the slightest ounce of hope happens on the show before I start watching again. Right now… it’s just too heart-breaking. 🙁

    1. Yeah, K2H episode 10 is worse than 9. Who knows what this week will be like! I heard its not much better! But I am patiently waiting. Just to give you a clue of how intense K2H epi 10 is, last count there were over 500 comments on Dramabeans for that episode alone!

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