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Hi everyone,
I’m glad to hear that you’re all enjoying the recaps to A Thousand Kisses and The Musical. I love sharing my love of Korean dramas with you and have you appreciate them so much. 🙂 On my down times, I enjoy reading through the comments you leave as they motivate me to keep recapping for you. Although the recapping itself can sometimes be time-consuming, it’s also a nice break from my academic work and helps keep me sane.

Anyhow, I’ve been told–and I agree–that the URL to this blog is a bit difficult to remember at times, especially since none of you know my dog (Bentley) who inspired the blog name. So within the next few days, I’m going to be changing it to I think that address, although long, will be easier for you all to remember as it’s the title of my blog. I’ll probably change it Monday in order to give many of you a chance to read this and note the change.

Also, you may have noticed that the layout is different. A friend mentioned that the blog looked a bit…blah for lack of a better word, so I’m trying this new design out. Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow (or rather today since it’s now past midnight) is Friday, which means other than TGIF…drum roll…The Musical day! heh heh. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Eun Bi’s and Jae Hee’s relationship develops in tomorrow’s episode and whether Jin fully enters the love triangle. I’m hoping to recap episode 6 before I leave for church tomorrow evening so stay tuned!

Good night!

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6 thoughts on “Musings for Today: Change of URL Address”

  1. Aww….thanks again for recapping. I thoroughly enjoyed your recap of a thousand kisses ep 14. Checked your page as soon as I got up this morning and voila…it was there waiting for me 🙂
    Looking forward to your recap of the Musical too. Just like you, I'm wondering how Jin will react in this episode. He sees Eun Bi throwing away her medical studies to pursue the her love of musicals….echoing his dad's irrational behaviour years ago. Perhaps, learning to love and appreciate Eun Bi for who she is, is the first step to healing the pain and ager towards his dad. But ultimately, I wish that Eun Bi will learn to love Jae Yi….and that love will help her mature as an artiste and woman. – Serene

  2. LOL! I check this blog first thing too!

    I posted your link at Soompi for people who were looking for someone doing recaps of A Thousand Kisses and after reading about The Musical, ended up posting in that thread as well. (I'm now hooked on The Musical) I hope you don't mind, I enjoy your recaps so much that I thought others would too.
    Again, Thank you SO much for doing recaps! For those of us who don't understand Korean, it's a joy that someone who does is sharing their thoughts with us.

  3. thanks a lot for The Musical recaps …… I was so lucky to find someone who cares to recap this wonderful drama , actually i recommended your blog to a lot of my friends who are enjoying it too. <3

  4. Just want to thank you for your recap of A Thousand Kisses. They are the best recaps of the drama I have found so far and I am addicted to checking to see if the latest has been released. Love this drama.
    I have posted the links of your recaps on Wicked Ahjumma FB page so other Wicked Ahjummas like myself can follow your recaps. There is quite a few of us following this drama series who can't wait for the Eng subs to be released to find out what truly happened between our favorite couple. I hope you don't mind and hope it brings more readers your way.
    Again, love your recaps and the hard work you do so I can get my addiction filled. It is truly appreciated.(*u*)

  5. Your recap makes my day. I am so thankful that you take time from your busy schedule to write your blog. I wish good luck on your school work. B

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