Musings for Today: Ask and You Shall Receive

Hi! I hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to the weekend–ATK, too! 🙂 I wanted to drop a quick blog about an epiphany I just had.

Being new to this blogging business, I’m still learning and feeling my way around the technological issues…as many of you can probably tell. LOL. However, with the semester drawing quickly to a close, I haven’t been studying up on the stuff as I should. Well, in the past week or so, some of you may have encountered some difficulties with my website being marked “malicious” or receiving an error of some sort. I only heard about it because one of my readers notified me via twitter. (Yes, please leave me comment, email, or tweet if you see something wrong that needs fixing. My techie brother-in-law has been helping me resolve some of these issues. Just clear your cookies/browser history if you run into a problem accessing my site.)

But in the midst of all this slow learning, I was still stumped as to why I was being flooded with spam. But with the end of the term looming before me and massive numbers of papers still left to grade, I resolved to push it to the back burner. Well, today changed all that. I received over 200 spam comments in a few hours, and my email notifications were burying my “real” emails under all that spam. I finally had to face the reality that I couldn’t leave this off until finals were over. So…I asked my tech-bro-in-law: “How do I get rid of all this spam?”

And just like that (*fingers snap*), he told me about a program that would limit the spamming. How cool is that?! No more spam and, hopefully, no more “bad” stuff. 🙂

What a great reminder that in many circumstances, we only receive when we ask. We don’t receive because we don’t bother to ask. Good reminder for me. Back to grading now….

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