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I just got done recapping A Thousand Kisses Episode 12, and I must say, I’m liking the pace of the drama. The slow yet steady development of Woo Jin and Joo Mi’s relationship is a joy to watch, especially as they start to bring out certain romantic and playful aspects of each other’s personalities. For instance, Joo Mi’s never made a doshirak for a man before and Woo Jin…well, let’s just say that he’s doing everything remotely associated with romance for the first time. And he’s SMILING! LAUGHING!~

I know many of you, including myself, weren’t that hooked on the Woo Bin/Joo Young couple storyline, but I’ve got to hand it to Ji Hyun Woo. He’s doing a solid job of making Woo Bin appear likeable as he pursues Joo Young. As for the constant cold shoulder Joo Young’s giving Woo Bin now that his feelings are known, I appreciate how she’s realistic about their circumstances, thereby grounding their storyline. I didn’t include this in the Episode 12 recap, but during the conversation at the park, she asks Woo Bin what his reaction would have been had she been the first one to confess. She astutely surmises that he would have run away from her as fast as he could. Needless to say, I’m curious to see how this relationship progresses, especially once Woo Bin’s mother (the status-conscious woman who loathes anything and everything to do with Woo Jin’s stepmother) finds out about her son loving a divorced single mother who also happens to be the older daughter of Woo Jin’s stepmother.) Who knows when she’ll find out, but this being dramaland, we know she’ll eventually find out. The only question is how and who’s going to be the one to spill the beans and open the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

So much more I could post, but I’ll stop here. On a side note, I plan to post links to Protoect the Boss (last two episodes this week) and keep updating my High Kick 3 episodes link post, so for those of you looking to watch the episodes, you’ll know where to look. 🙂 As for The Musical although recapping can be a bit time-consuming at times, I’m having so much fun providing you all with recaps that I’ve decided to recap my beloved The Musical. 🙂 So keep up the hard work, staff of The Musical! Despite the low ratings, you have legions of fans enjoying your work! 🙂

All right…enough silliness for now. Have a blessed day! I hope you all get to enjoy at least one simple yet wonderful aspect of this life today! I know I’m going to try to appreciate the meaningful conversations I have with my students today. 🙂 Until next time….

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for recapping A Thousand Kisses. We all really appreciate your hard working. Please continue recapping the drama. Thanks again, lots of love!

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