Musing for Today: With Gusto!

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Woohoo~! I am officially done with all my deadlines for the Winter 2014 term! 🙂 Never mind that the Spring 2014 term starts tomorrow. Heh. Tonight, I get to celebrate by blogging and hanging out with you all! Woohoo~!

Now, some of you may wonder, what is the topic of today’s musing…

Ever since I went to college in the Boston area, I’ve heard a number of my peers say, “Study hard. Party hard!” We’ve all heard that pithy sentiment in various, more “sophisticated” renditions: carpe diem, seize the day, live life to the fullest, etc. In essence, though, their motto was to just study hard and then party hard. Sometimes, I had to wonder if they studied as hard as they did merely so that they could justify their hard partying.

And I always envied, to a certain extent, the legions of fangirls who flocked to Kpop concerts and Kdrama specials and fan meetings and…

But recently, I’ve been seeing the wisdom of their philosophy…within reason, of course. 😉

Many of you may not know this, but I’m really a “normal” person in Real Life. And by “normal,” I mean that I am reserved and the polar opposite of our stereotypical Kdrama fangirl. Yup, I am still waiting with bated breath for that day when one of my college students find these Kdrama vlogs that I’ve filmed on YouTube. 😛 Already, I cringe to imagine what they might think as they watch their college professor on YouTube…and in pigtails, no less! Hmmm…I shift all responsibility for that hairdo over to Mawiie.

In any case, these days, it seems as though my Kdramaland persona has followed me into my Real Life: The harder I work, the more fun I seem to have.

How, you ask?

Oh…let me count the ways…Mawiie and a few others have actively encouraged this active “embracing of my inner fangirl.” *mischievous chuckle*

1. Social Networking chitchat–kakao talk, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. More than I probably should have open at a single time. LOL

2. Random quizzes posted on Facebook by some of my friends like “Which X-Men Character Are You?” Incidentally, I am apparently a “Jean Grey.” Let’s not get me started on the Jane Austen quiz. I had wanted Fitzgerald Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet, and instead, who did I receive as my psychological match? Fanny Price. Fanny Price?! I didn’t even enjoy reading Mansfield Park and barely trudged through that novel because it was required reading for my undergraduate Jane Austen seminar and my graduate Jane Austen seminar. *sheepish grin* Yes, I confess to “liking” Miss Jane Austen. *deeper sheepish grin* OK, I confess to taking the seminars because of Darcy. What? Like some of you haven’t? Hmmm…*suspicious eyes*

3. Evening study/writing sessions with Jane after church on Sundays in the heart of K-town (aka PseudoKorea) where we can frolic in Daiso, Paris Baguette, and a number of other equally fun places as “study breaks” from our “hard” work at Tom N Toms Coffee. Heh…there’s nothing better than typing away in a crowded coffee shop with a delicious cold or hot beverage on hand. 😉

4. Excited planning of overseas vacation with Lena and Jules…I still can’t believe we’re going to be meeting up in Seoul!

I suppose the list of silly and fun things that I’ve been engaging in could go on for a bit and may seem quite tame to many of you, but basically, what I’ve been really embracing is the notion of just doing things with gusto.

I did a self-evaluation of myself recently, and one adjective came to mind that left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth: lukewarm.

Ugh…what an awful description.

Mellow, I can handle and even like.

Reserved, I can handle that, too.

But lukewarm? *grimace* Ugh.

I’ve been recently reminded of the brevity and transience of life. Each thing I do, I want to do with gusto.

Teaching? With gusto!

Learning new things? With gusto, please!

Building stronger friendships with lasting memories? Absolutely with gusto!

In short, I’ve realized that life is infinitely much better in bold strokes of vivid colors, so when my schedule demanded that I take a longer than desired break from blogging, I went along with it, immersing myself with gusto in the grading and duties of Real Life.

And here’s the cool thing about my past two-three weeks of grading and dealing with Real Life: My play time took on that much more meaning and fun for me. *satisfied grin*

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of “lukewarm.”

I truly want to live the rest of my life with gusto, please! 😉

Here’s to a wonderful Tuesday, Twinkles! May you sprinkle loads of gusto in everything that you do because I’ve been energized to do just that these past few days. 😀

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