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I had every intention of dedicating this week’s “Musing for Today” post to those precious lives that were lost in last week’s tragedy here in the United States, especially since the intensity of emotion and aching sense of loss of what could have been echoes within me still…even after several days have passed. 

However, before I could properly deal with my emotions and mourn with the rest of the country at this tragic loss of so many lives, Life reared its erratic head again, effectively shoving my concern for those in Shady Hook to the back burner as I had to deal with a more immediate emergency of my own.

Perhaps it was because of the demands of the holiday season and the responsibilities I juggle around this time of year or the fact that my final grades for my college classes were due yesterday and today, but whatever the reason may be, I struggled to hold it together the past few days, especially when this unexpected and unwelcomed emergency occurred in my family. But then again, emergencies are always “unexpected” and “unwelcomed.”

What I kept telling myself was to take “one thing at a time.” Prioritize. Triage. Breathe. Organize. Regroup. Pray.

Miraculously, I was able to continue with my responsibilities and still continue to do so since I have much to do before the year is out, but what these two tragedies–the Shady Hook Tragedy and my own family’s crisis–remind me right now is that it is not the tragedies themselves that matter but how I respond to those tragedies that counts.

Regardless of the stresses of my life, will I continue to do the “human” thing? Will I continue to value people and do the “right” thing? Even if it costs me?

I realize that what I’m personally going through right now is actually “normal” in life; many of you may have already gone through it or are currently going through it. But the one thing I relearned this week is that even though Life may storm and thunder, throwing my usually ordered life into a truly chaotic disordered one, I cannot allow it to shake me. I mustn’t allow it to shake me.

And so, I continue to prioritize, triage, breathe, organize, regroup, and pray…and in the process, this struggle reminds me that the tragedies have not been minimized or ignored or allowed to become overwhelming. Rather, they have been used to redirect my focus once more on humanity…in all its glorious spectrum of beautiful and ugly, good and evil, kind and cruel.

As I approach Christmas, my thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering, grieving…and I am reminded ever so forcefully that when Life thunders and pounds, my task is to stay the course as a feeling, caring, and responsible human being. Failure to do so would be the greater tragedy.

I hope that you all are well and weathering whatever Life has thrown your way.

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11 thoughts on “Musing for Today: When Life Thunders and Pounds…”

  1. Please know that we are here to share your good time and bad time as well. Whatever or tragedy you are facing or heading on, comfort words and advice will help ease your burden and whatever hardship you are enduring. May you have the strength and faith to move forward with your life.

    1. Thank you, LikeSomin! Prayers are definitely appreciated.

      I think the past two days have just been stressful because the list of things on my “plate” kept growing. With final grades now posted–finished them last night just before I wrote this post, which may be why I sounded a bit more “dramatic” than I now am–I feel definitely less stressed.

      The tragedy I alluded to in the post is actually a hospitalization of a relative. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She’s been through an awful lot, and in my years of loose association with the medical field, I’ve never seen a case of catatonia.

  2. I would like to make some very supportive comment of some kind like LikeSomin but….words fail me today -_-

    Please relax and don’t push yourself too much. Know your limits. Humans seem to think their bodies have no limitations but that is not true. Just a little stress can cause our body to be in pain. We are very fragile. So please don’t over exert yourself and make yourself sick! Rest well, eat well, even in the most difficult times. You’ll always have time to eat a good meal (hmmm that’s from some kdrama….Can You Hear My Heart maybe??? Idk but I remember someone saying tht!)

    I would like to gather all the Twinkles to send our Snoopy’s Twinkie a virtual hug! We are here for each other in both the good times and the bad.

    *virtual hugs*

  4. I too am trying to make sense out of the Sandy Hook thing as well as the stuff of my own life. You’re not alone Grace, I just wanted you to know that. I will pray for you too.

  5. I had a class about stress and burn-out this week. My teacher told us to write a positive thought and stick it to the fridge with an eye-shape magnet (to remind us to always look for positive thoughts). Just wanted to share the tip 🙂

    I hope that everything will turn out well for you and your relative and I’ll definitely keep her in my prayers <3

  6. Dear ST, i may be a bit late, but my prayers are with you. Be strong, for yourself and especially for your relative. I have been there,so i understand how you feel.We are here together with you

    “The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.”

    -Author Unknown

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