Musing for Today: Prolonging Farewells

I just got done watching Rooftop Prince Episode 19 right now, and since it’s too late to recap, I thought I’d post a “musing” to comfort my aching heart. For those of you who don’t like spoilers, you may want to stop reading…now.

*Heavy sigh* What I feared has happened in RTP as well as in K2H, but the farewell in K2H is another issue. For now, I’m wallowing in shock…because I didn’t think the show would separate Yi Gak and Park Ha at episode 19! Although the rational/creative part of my brain acknowledges the wisdom of the timing–so that the last episode (ep. 20) can be properly spent easing the viewers into that “happy ending”–the emotional/attached part of me is numb with shock right now and silently screaming–can’t scream out loud because my family is sleeping right now–NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

In any case, I’m hoping that after a good night’s rest, my numb brain will be functional again…enough to recap RTP ep. 19, which Jules has so kindly and quickly screencapped already. All that’s left is for me to recap…which I will start to do as soon as I wake up later today…in about 6 hours. *Sigh* Why must all good things come to an end?

It’s odd that I’m experiencing such a sadness over the imminent end of RTP and K2H since I rarely feel this bereft when a show ends. Hmmm…perhaps it’s because there are two of them to which I’ve become so emotionally attached. In any case, I’ve decided to “prolong” my farewell to these dramas by not killing myself with multiple recaps in one day and by just taking one recap at a time. Just thought you’d like to know…so that you don’t get impatient wondering when I’ll post the next recap.

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15 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Prolonging Farewells”

  1. LOL, you really mislead me. Goodbye … as your goodbye??? Aisyyyyyyyyy

    I’m hoping that after a good night’s rest, my numb brain will be functional again… 😉 unluckily it is not working for me. I am still feeling upset… emotionally drain. WTH?? couldnt believe i still do. Should i take a break from k-drama?????????? It just the last scene is sooooooo moving.. promising each other… and LG tears when he was fading… it just get into me so badly… sigh… Kudos to Yoochun for such a heartfelt scene. To be honest i never cried watching actors. My first time…

    No Twinkie, dont kill yourself over recap. We still need you so much… Let us quitely wait for the grand finale… sighhh.. If it is not into my liking i am going to flood the pdnim’s twitter. LOL

    1. Oh no…I would never say “Goodbye.” LOL.
      My brain is now functional again. I had to do some grading yesterday and couldn’t recap, but today is Friday, my “off” day to recap and shoot a video. 🙂

  2. Snoopy, I am wearing black and emotionally drained! RTP, what happened was expected and even though it was sad, it was a very sweet episode. K2H? A different story altogether but I will wait to comment on that! One thing that these dramas have cured me of is watching dramas week to week. I will pick one and only one to watch week to week. The rest, I will go back to my rule of 10 episodes or more! Its too much! Well, back to my sadness!

    1. Seriously, I don’t know how you manage to watch so many without going crazy. RTP and K2H are enough to leave me numb and dumb. LOL.

      1. Yeah, it was too much! I watched K2H, RTP, FK (worse ever), and EM! Gave up on Love Rain. Started Queen In-Hyun’s Man which is very, very good; similar to RTP (time travel story line only). As I do not have regular TV, its no different than watching TV for me. I subscribe to DramaFever and watch on a couple of other websites. Save on having cable! Bought me a browser enabled TV so its just like watching TV. Can’t be happier but no more multiple shows for me!

        1. I think after I finish recapping RTP and K2H, I may take a breather from the mini-dramas and simply catch up on recapping Standby…or at least that’s the plan. But who knows? I may get tempted to watch/recap another drama sooner than I plan. LOL.

          Yeah, let’s just say that regular TV/American programming no longer appeals to me…OK, that’s not true. I’ll still watch the occasional NCIS or House. 🙂

          1. I have my favorites on Hulu. A lot are British shows but the list is far and few between.

  3. First, thank you to both Snoopy and Jules! Second, I can now start watching the shows from episode 1 and be able to watch it all non stop! Yay! *scampers off to watch the shows*
    ps. I don’t mind spoilers as I’ve honestly been reading a few of the recaps. I’m anxious to watch now =D

    1. Happy viewing! I still have to catch up on some of the previous episodes I missed. I’ve only seen the episodes that I’ve recapped…so, in the quiet of the post-RTP and post-K2H lull, I’ll probably purchase the DVD set from a local store and watch them while I exercise. Great incentive to workout, right? 😉

      1. I’ll be honest, Yoochoon is eye and ear candy for me. And you gave me an awesome idea to get me motivated to exercise.

        1. LOL. Seung-Gi’s become the eye and ear candy for me recently. 😉 Let me know if you’ve become a Lee Seung Gi noona, too, after watching K2H.

          1. I’ve been one since My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox. One of the few who actually liked that drama.

          2. @NewKDramaAddict

            I *love* My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! It’s one of my all-time favourite kdramas – I watched it again the other day (I have it on DVD. :D).

            The last episode makes me cry so hard (from the very beginning, when she tells him she couldn’t stop… oh God, just bawling) – and the fact that they’re trying so hard not to cry… it just makes me cry even harder.


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