Musing for Today: Community of Heroes

Let me start this “musing” with the disclaimer that I usually don’t go see movies at the theaters. In the past decade, I think the handful of movies I have seen were those with my church group. And so it was the case tonight as I saw the Avengers on premiere night with my church group…and was duly impressed by it…enough to write a “musings.”

I had seen Iron Man and Captain America but not the other movies regarding Thor or the Hulk. However, from what I know of my Marvel comics, which I adored growing up, I knew that ALL of the “Avengers” have distinct and strong personalities. With the exception of Black Widow and Hawk, the rest of the Avengers have had their own movies. And so it was only natural that as I prepared myself to see this “blockbuster,” I would be concerned by the ensemble cast and storyline. Would the writer and director be able to seamlessly bring together such strong and diverse personalities, all of whom could command the spotlight on their own, and meld them into a harmonious group of heroes, all dedicated to the preservation of freedom and peace?

Let’s just say I was simply blown away. I haven’t seen a movie done this well in several years. The movie was able to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of each hero while blending them into a fluid story of different people coming together for one unified purpose. I LOVED that message: Ego has no part in a community of people with a unified goal. In fact, in that community, the diverse talents of each hero strengthens and enriches the overall group.

And that is why I am posting this musings: my small hope is that this humble little site/community of “Musings of a Twinkie” can be just such a group. All the Twinkles have such diverse and distinct talents, jobs, hopes, etc. but together, I hope this community of kdrama lovers will also be one that encourages and challenges each other to make positive contributions in their respective communities outside of this online one. How inspiring would that be to share our expertise and encouragements with one another, spurring each Twinkle to push for greater hopes and achievements?

As such, I’d like to suggest a new little corner: Encouragements.

This post will upload each week on Sunday with our “Weekly Bulletin” post. My hope is that this be a post that allows Twinkles to leave encouraging and/or inspiring stories of what is going on in each other’s lives. No egos…just a desire to build a community of “heroes” who can enrich each other’s talents.

I don’t know about you all, but I certainly treasure and am encouraged by the occasional comments of your achievements and dreams. So I hope this is something that you’ll participate in as we build each other up.

Oh, and yeah…the movie was AWESOMENESS. Although it’s not a Korean drama, I would highly recommend you see it,if possible, on the big screen. I know that I’ll be inviting my father to see it this Sunday. It was that good! 😉

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  1. THANK YOU!. My daughter and I are going to see this today! I loved Iron Man and Hulk movies! Wasn’t crazy about Thor movie. Robert Downey Jr has definitely turned his life around and its showing in his acting lately. This will be the first movie in almost 1 1/2 year I’ve seen. I swore off paying for movies and just waiting for them to come out on DVD! But the Avengers became the exception to the rule! Glad to hear its good!

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