Musing for Today: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Some people swear by them, and some people absolutely refuse to do them. Wherever you stand on the issue, nothing rings in the New Year more than the R word: resolutions. 

In the past, I’ve made a list. Yes, I have. And at the conclusion of each year, I always find that I’ve only managed to stick to a portion of those listed resolutions. Perhaps the ones I didn’t keep were ones that were too lofty for me to attempt. Or perhaps I simply got lazy and gave up sometime in the middle of the year. Whatever the reason, I find myself itching to pen down some resolutions this year after foregoing them for the past few years. Hmmm…I think my twinkles have something to do with this sudden desire to publicly announce my goals for 2013. 😉

So here are my resolutions for 2013…for all and sundry to see:

1. Develop more love for people…and then love them.

2. Be wise with my time and energy.

3. Simplify my life so that there’s less “clutter.”

4. Be more disciplined in work and health.

5. Take weekly AND mandatory quiet times to reflect, regroup, and recharge so that I can shine as brightly as possible.

I know these resolutions are a bit vague to some of you, but to me, they encapsulate struggles that I’ve had for the past few years.

Now that my resolutions are out in the open, I hope that you will keep me accountable.

Feel free to share yours with the rest of the community. I’m curious to hear what your resolutions will be for 2013. It’ll be interesting to check back with each other in December 31, 2013 to see how we did with our resolutions. Until then, twinkle on, ladies!

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7 thoughts on “Musing for Today: New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Through the Grace of God and a good doctor, I’m still here 8 years later so I have only one:
    To use 1 hour each day to exercise even while watching dramas, no excuse now as I’ve moved my treadmill into the family room! I’m going to do it this time! Improve my health one other way!

  2. I don’t really make resolutions, or at least, I don’t reserve them for January 1st!
    Though, I am with you on getting healthy, being more disciplined in health. I started a Healthy Go journey on my blog back in June and I’m continuing with it. You are welcome to check it out, we can encourage each other!
    I definitely think I could use your #1-3 as well.

  3. 1. Be less selfish. (Be more aware of others’ problems, situations, and feelings other than my own)

    2. Attempt to socialize longer with others (I just get bored so easily….lol)

    3. Work harder at my job and school. (Princess of Procrastination right here)

  4. 1- To be more organized in everything (work, school, research, life…). I’ll try to do a daily schedule and stick to it! (key word: try)

    2- To spend more time with my family. I feel like a teen (been a long time since I was one…) who spends most of her time with friends and going out. I still live with my parents but it seems like we never spend time together…

    3- To have a healthier lifestyle (exercise, eat well, sleep early, etc.)

  5. Good bye 2012 and Hello 2013. Wishing everyone a Wonderful New Year with sucess in your new year resolutions.

    And here is my new year resolution…
    * manage my time better both at home and work.
    * learn to do Yoga in addition to eating healthy.
    * be more patient with immediate family members.
    * do volunteer work and be more active in the community.

  6. I usually skip doing New Year’s Resolutions ’cause I just end up putting them off, but since I’m into reinventing myself even before the New Year kicked off, here are some things I want to achieve:

    1. Stop being afraid and take more risks
    2. Not sweating the small stuff
    3. Be more grateful of all my blessings

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