Musing for Today: My Name Is Bond. James Bond.


Did you ever wish you could have a cool name likes James Bond? Say cool things like, “My name is Bond. James Bond.” Drive cool cars like an Aston Martin or an Audi or a Bentley or a BMW or a…you get the picture, right? Be cool like him? Jump off a hovering plane with skis and slalom down the Swiss Alps, all the while evading a barrage of bullets and evil henchmen? And I’m not talking about daydreaming like Joo Won’s character in Level 7 Civil Servant…or am I? O.o

Seriously, though, how many of you have ever wished this? ‘Cuz I know I did! Many a times!

The older  more experienced I become, though, the more I realize that the “flashy” names are just that…flash with very little substance. I wisely* learned to value the meaning behind names…and how people start to live up to their names, be they their birth names or simply nicknames. (*Apparently, I haven’t learned to be wise in naming myself on my various social networks.)

Like many of you, I have many different names…many of them unintentional and yet reflective of what I was thinking or experiencing at the time that name found me. Here’s a list of my names in case you are interested:

Musings name: Snoopy’s Twinkie. I was trying to think of a name that I would like and just thought 1) I like Snoopy and 2) I am a “twinkie”–an Asian who is westernized in both philosophy and lifestyle. As a complete noob to the blogging world, it never occurred to me–until the name stuck–that Snoopy’s Twinkie is quite the mouthful. Thank goodness, some of you shortened it to ST or Twinkie. LOL

Twitter name: twinkiedramas. My brother-in-law set the account up for me and just truncated the Musings name, claiming that Snoopy’s Twinkie was too cumbersome. *sigh* He obviously has way more experience with blogging than I. Too bad he wasn’t there to “educate” me when I first started this blog. *palm face* Ah well…

Facebook: My Korean and, incidentally, my legal name.

YouTube: Gracie21. Back in 2006, “Grace,” the meaning of my Korean name, was already taken as a YouTube ID, so I opted for a variation of it, hence Gracie21. Heh.

Family nickname: Turtle. Yup, you heard right. T-U-R-T-L-E. *hiding face behind hands*

How did I get this “cool” name? I mean, doesn’t it have a certain ring to it? “My name is Turtle. Grace Turtle. Pffft. As if…!

Here’s how I was dubbed the turtle of the family:

On one Christmas, long, long time ago, my mother surprised me and my two younger sisters with a small and unexpected Christmas gift: a brooch. Since we were entering into adulthood–and starting to wear more “professional” clothing–our dear mother thought it would be appropriate to give us gold brooches to accessorize our suits and long coats, each of us receiving a different animal design.

Can you guess what mine was?

Yup, she gave me a turtle brooch…with the explanation that although I may start slow like a turtle, she hopes that I will persevere and finish the “race” in much the same way that Aesop’s tortoise triumphed in its race against the hare.

Although the brooches were only supposed to be an inspiring gift, the names stuck…for all three of us! And what’s even more interesting is that we’ve developed qualities that resemble our animal brooches. Either that, or our mother sagely assigned us animals whose characteristics we already shared. In any case, over the years, I’ve become quite the little turtle, slow to start but laboring steadily towards the finish line.

And the even more interesting thing is that the nickname which at first had offended me–because who seriously wants to be told she’s slow?–has now grown on me. So much so that I now collect little turtles whenever I travel. On my last trip to Korea, I picked up a cute silver turtle necklace from Jeju Island. During my last vacation two years ago, I picked up a turtle collectible figurine from Oahu (one of the Hawaiian islands). Hmm…I should seriously stop collecting things, but that’s an entirely different topic for another post.

Needless to say, names are definitely important and tend to define who we are. I’ve mentioned this on a number of occasions on this blog and even wrote a “Musing for Today” on the topic a while back, but what I’m realizing now is that even “silly” names are meaningful. Nicknames that I acquire from people. Nicknames that I give people, especially the teenagers in my youth group. These nicknames have the power to make us feel special and inspire us to work harder.

I was reminded of this recently when a new student to my church asked what his nickname was. At first, I didn’t understand. Literally, I think I must have given him the “Huh?” look for a good minute. You see, I hadn’t realized that over the years, I had given a number of my youth group nicknames. Mind you, not all of them have nicknames, just a few…because they did something that totally made me want to commemorate the moment with a nickname! (i.e. A boy, who is now 14 years old but was only ten at the time, is called tokki by me and some of the other kids because we’ve never actually seen a real boy gobble up salad the way he does. He absolutely loves vegetables…just like a little tokki, aka rabbit in English.) This new student had picked up on this nicknaming and asked me for one as well; in his mind, a nickname from me apparently signified that he belonged. Aw…

Little moments like this one teach me that it’s not just our birth names that are important…after all, they were given to us after much deliberation by our parents and grandparents, so they should be important. However, trivial, silly nicknames can become quite as important as well, imbuing the bearer of said name with certain special qualities and inspiration.

So yeah, my name is Turtle. Slow and Steady.

After many years of getting used to this name, I like. 🙂 Hmm…”My name is Turtle. Grace Turtle.” *shaking head* It still doesn’t sound right.

In any case, I’m curious if any of you Twinkles have nickname(s) that you love or hate. Remember, sharing is caring! 😉

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  1. Musings name: Shirlyn. Back in high school I liked to write fiction a lot in my room when I wasn’t otherwise reading because the internet was only in the living room. One of the characters I came up with was Shirlyn Nollaig, Shirlyn being an English name that means “bright meadow” and Nollaig being the Gaelic word for “Noel”. Sadly I think I only wrote about one chapter of her story before I pretty much stopped writing fiction altogether. Shortly after I started playing FFXI and had to pick a name, and despite it being a Japanese game I got more of an English feel from it. Most of my existing character names I liked to use for MMORPGs were Japanese so my mind went to Shirlyn, a name I really liked but hadn’t gotten to use much. Now I use it as usernames for certain sites where I think it fits and want to be a little more anonymous then my original username for everything. I picked to use it here because I saw that my friend Niema had used that particular name for here and we first met in FFXI, her as Niema, and me as Shirlyn. <3

    Twitter name: @shirlyn_nollaig, just the full version since plain old Shirlyn was taken. (BTW not worth following, I never post anything there except spammy tweets for contests.)

    Facebook: Real name of course.

    YouTube: KatChanQ. My first username ever, picked out by my dad. When I was 15 I got my own laptop and e-mail account for Christmas. Since my dad had to set up the e-mail before giving it to me, (he would be paying for it,) he picked a no nonsense abbreviation of all of my names to use. At first I was confused though because I thought he was using Japanese honorifics (we both watched anime together) and then he laughed because he hadn't realized it until I pointed it out. I don't know why I then decided to use it as a username for a lot of websites because I had to constantly deal with the people reprimanding me for using an honorific on myself, and me having to explain that it's pronounced "Shawn" as it's short for Chantal. Suffice to say the only sites I still use this one for are because I've had them since I was 15 too.

    Family and friends nickname: I don't have an interesting story for this one, it's just Kat which is short for my full first name. It fits though because I love cats and pretty much act like one all the time, (not role-playing, just sort of the characteristics of a cat.) Sooo… good call mom? lol

    Recently I've been using Tetramina for none role playing games and gaming communities since Shirlyn felt more RPG like to me. Basically one of my favorite games is Tetris, the pieces are called tetrominoes so I took the singular meaning and a la latin I feminized the O's.

  2. I have so many nicknames so this post will be long (what else is new ha!)

    Musings nickname there’s actually a really simple explanation to this: Mawiie is simply the baby-talk version of my shortened real name, a bit like how kids would mispronounce some sounds xD I use this name on others blogs as well, but sometimes I’d mistakenly logged in my general (not author) account on wordpress and you’ll see Marinoona instead. It’s pretty easy to guess: I’m getting older now and the new “crop” of pretty boys are now my dongsaeng 🙁 But at least I know that some of you Twinkles’s favorite guys are still my oppas (Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi to name a few LOL). :p

    Twitter name Mawiiiiiiie (I had to count the number of “i”) Mawiie was taken…so was Mawiiie si I continued to add “i” until the name became available? LOL

    soompi nickname MaryFairy. It’s another derivation of my real name, with a little touch of fantasy 🙂

    Family nickname It’s not really a nickname, but my family used to add a little prefix to my Asian given name (not unlike the suffix -chan in Japanese or the prefix Xiao in Chinese). Usually people would stop to use that term once the kid get older…but it stayed with me LOL Some friends of the family would think that I was still a kid when my parents talk about be, and when they see me they’re like “but you’re all grown up…”

    nickname with really closed friends The Shine/Shine Goon LOL. It’s a really long story and I can’t really explain without sounding too crazy, but when we were younger my friends and I assigned ourselves to Goong’s characters. I was Shin and they’d refer to me as Shin Goon, except that I also have the habit of making really bad puns. I once made a really bad one, and followed up with “you know why I’m so bright with words? it’s because I Shine. I’m Shine Goon” LOL

    It’s funny how nicknames can define who you are, but they can also define who the person using it towards you. For instance, my real name is pretty long, and my closed friends would call me by the shortened version of it. My ex boyfriend used to use the term too, but when things fell appart, I felt really uncomfortable with him using that name, because the relationship is not the same anymore. It’s as if I expected him to revert to the more formal version (full name)…

    1. And also, being the only Asian in my class in high school, I’d inherit with all the Asian characters name over the year. Mulan, Cho Chang… if it was popular fiction and Asian, it’d be my new nickname LOL

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