Musing for Today: Long-term vs. Short-term Posting

It was recently brought to my notice that my posts–especially the older ones–get read by newcomers from time to time.  =O.o=

This realization prompted me to revisit one or two of the posts that I had posted a while back…

…and I had an oddly disturbing epiphany, one that I should have had already: posts on the Internet are available indefinitely unless I delete them, and even then, some computer-savvy person can retrieve those “deleted” posts.

In essence, the posts are archived somewhere in the vast world that we call the World Wide Web…Scary thought, huh?

Why am I mentioning this as a “Musing for Today”?

In the past, I’ve pressured myself to just churn out the recaps because I wanted to post them as soon as possible…and definitely before the English subtitles were available for the non-Korean speaking viewers. Obviously, with that mindset, I wasn’t always concerned with quality as I was with quantity and how quickly those posts were made available. And since I’m the type of writer, who rarely revises–at least substantially–anything once it is published, there are some posts that can stand to be revised for better flow, deeper analysis, etc. LOL

So…I find myself faced with a dilemma today; since I recap what I watch–and I skipped Ep. 102-104 to watch Ep. 105 last night–Ep. 105 is almost ready for uploading later tonight but the previous 3 episodes (#102-104) are not.

My decision–after some thought (I can’t believe I actually spent time thinking about this LOL)–is to upload Ep. 105 but also “upload” a pending message under Ep. 102-104, so that the posts will be published in chronological order…Even though the “short-term” reading may be out of sync, the “long-term” archiving will be in numeric order. Hmmm…I hope that just made sense.

In any case, I hope this doesn’t throw any of you off. If you are one of those viewers who just has to read/view episodes in order, I would suggest you wait a few more days until I can catch up on my recapping. 🙂

With that said, I hope you will excuse the “incompleteness” of the website for the next few days while I catch up on recapping High Kick 3…darn my impatience to watch Ep. 105 in the hopes that it was a juicy episode! LOL. BTW, Hwang Jung Eum (High Kick 2 veteran) is set to guest star in today’s episode 106. She’s supposed to give Ha Sun a run for Ji Seok’s affections, not that our loyal Ji Seok would ever be tempted by Hwang’s character. Ha Sun’s jealousy should be fun to watch. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Long-term vs. Short-term Posting”

  1. Ugh…stupid WordPress won’t allow me to fix the published order. 🙁 So, to save myself the frustration of more time spent on fiddling around with the ordering of the posts, ep. 105 will just have to show up before 102-104.

    1. This is perhaps a really stupid idea, but could you possibly “forward-date” your ep 105 review, as that might push it to the front?

      1. Alas, I tried that, but the stubborn program/post wouldn’t budge. 🙁 I’ll keep tickering around with it now that I have a bit time…here’s hoping….

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you were considering recapping the sitcom that will be the follow up to high kick? standyby? i love reading your posts.. thank you

    1. Hi, Lexi! Believe it or not, I’m seriously considering recapping Standby, especially since I love Ryu Jin, who is “confirmed” for the show. However…I am wavering a bit since recapping High Kick 3 daily is so time-consuming, causing me to fall behind on the recaps often. Thanks for inquiring! It’s definitely a possibility. 🙂

  3. OK, the adjusting of Ep. 105 is not going well, so I’m just going to return Ep. 102-104 into “drafting” mode until they are done to simply the look of the website. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.

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