Musing for Today: Less Is More

Recently, I took stock of how far behind I had gotten with my recaps–Rooftop Prince pending at episode 9, The King 2 Hearts at episode 8, and Standby at episode 10–and realized that if I want to keep providing you twinkles with recaps, I will have to revisit my recapping strategy and modify it accordingly to better fit my schedule.

I mean, not only was I not recapping, but I was also not watching any of the shows because…when I watch, I recap. And never shall the two be separated, right? 😉

So…my new strategy?

Recap with minimal pictures–no matter how tempted I am to snip pictures–and recap with attention to the overall story, not the details. The details, after all, you can pick up when you watch the English-subtitled videos, right? I know you all watch–and some even rewatch multiple times–the videos once they become available. 😉

With this in mind, I’m hoping to generate more recaps in the coming days, starting with tonight’s uploading of Rooftop Prince episode 14 and Standby episode 10 (in the old recapping format since that post already has pictures snipped and I’m almost done with that post). As for The King 2 Hearts, I’m hoping to watch/recap either tonight or tomorrow, but that show is so crammed/packed with goodness, I don’t know how well I can adhere to my newly revise recapping format. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Anyhow, thanks for your patience. And remember that my May/Mother’s Day giveaway ends on midnight (PST) this Monday (5/7). Good luck!!!

*Addendum @ 12:55AM 5/04/12: *Sigh and sniffles* Having Internet issues right now so connection keeps blinking on and off. 😛 Will try to upload tomorrow morning. Good night!

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5 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Less Is More”

  1. If I had to recap all of the shows I was watching, I would be crazy too!! Take your time and savor King 2 Hearts!!!!!! 😀

    1. Since i never ever did any recap, i wouldnt know how difficult it is, but i think i can guess. Hahah, even “little” commenting in any blog does take “big” time.

      Twinkie, just a short question: you are not put off by any grammatical mistake, would you? Most of the time, i know i have a lot 🙂

      Am just repeating NewKDramaAddict:

      Take your time and savor Rooftop Prince. LOL

  2. much as i wanna read your thoughts about Rooftop Prince’s latest episodes, we know you’re having some difficulties recapping 3 shows aside from your work and other activities outside this blog….don’t worry about us..we’ll be waiting.. ^_^

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