Musing for Today: Knowledge Is Power

Hi, everyone!

Sorry for the delay this week on the “Movie Monday” post. Long story short, my trusty little computer got sick, and I’ve been trying to cure it for the past two days. Thankfully, I was able to restore Einstein IV back to its factory default settings. (Yeah, I name my computers. LOL. My current computer is the fourth one I’ve owned, hence the IV.) Anyhow, I was reminded today of just how important knowledge can truly be. Let me explain what happened….

When I tried to reboot my computer yesterday, I forgot to make recovery discs (tsk tsk) and couldn’t finish the reboot process. So, I decided to take two hours of my afternoon today to take it to a computer shop in LA. Needless to say, after the promised one hour of computer rebooting, the owner informed me that my computer probably has a defective hard drive since he was unsuccessful in rebooting the computer. He claimed that the computer would get to about 99% and then shut off.

At my question of what to do, he advised me to replace the hard drive. He could do it for about $150 and try to fix it, or I could sell Einstein to him as a defective computer to use for parts and apply that money as deposit towards a new or used computer at his store.

What?! I never give up on my computers until they are on their last “byte” of life.

When I told him that I wasn’t willing to spend that type of money when my trusted little computer only cost me a little over $300–purchased during a great Black Friday sale–he then said that he didn’t know what I should do other than to call the computer company, a computer company his technician claimed is not that well-known for its costumer service.

Great, I thought. However, I came home, determined to track down a customer service number to the computer company and ask them if they could send me a copy of the recovery disks or direct me to a company service center…BECAUSE I was NOT yet willing to accept that my hard drive was defective.

Yeah, I found the customer service number, called at 9:30PM, got GREAT customer service from an agent who walked me through the “secret” rebooting safety the computer has and am now back online to blog for you all.

*Sigh* Today’s experience has taught me an invaluable lesson: Knowledge is Power. What would have happened if I had simply accepted that owner’s assessment of my computer and not taken the time to find out things for myself?

Simple: I would have been out many hundreds of dollars–$350 for my Einstein IV and however much I would have spent on a new computer. Money does NOT grow on trees!

Yes, I will be making a polite, but pointed phone call to that owner tomorrow, informing him of his misinformation so that he doesn’t ever give other customers such horrible misinformation.

As for us, Einstein is ALIVE and WELL! You have no idea how happy I am that I am currently typing–happily, I might add–on Einstein’s keyboard again. 🙂 And none too soon, for tomorrow starts our “marathon” recapping of Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts. 🙂

I think I shall “skip” the “Movie Monday” post for this week since we are already at Wednesday. However, Jane has been kind enough to suggest some movies in the comments of this week’s bulletin board for those of you who are looking for a movie to watch. 🙂

Also, Jules has kindly volunteered to contribute her awesome snipping skills to the recapping process. And you know what this mean! More/faster recaps! Hurray! 🙂

So thank you for your patience and your continued support! You guys–all twinkles–are awesome! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Knowledge Is Power”

  1. I know how you feel, yes we get that a lot with shop owners this part of the world too so its good to have friends who are experts
    For instance, for my car issues I ask my brother (the older one who takes care of his own car, not the otehr one who is worse than me, lol ) and my ex IT Manager to refer most of the technical issues with lap top! Good idea, right?
    Am actually considering buying a new laptop as my current one is almost 5 yrs and several incidents of black screen only when I start up has me worried, but my Blackberry is also acting up so now just trying to figure which one first!
    Hahaha the problems we face:)

  2. Not only is Knowledge Power but also a good backup. Most decent backup drives can be bought for less than $100 (up to 500Gb); more if you are talking Tb! The loss of a computer becomes less stressful if you can at least get that data back. I have years of pictures on my laptop; precious bookmarks and software that can never be gotten again. The last thing I want to worry about is where all those memories went. So for those in the US, go to Sam’s Club or Costco and invest in a backup drive. Most are Plug and Play (little or no installation) and very easy to use! You’ll thank me later. And Snoopy, glad Einstein IV is ok. Yes, I have had encounters with PC repair people telling what could/could not be done so I understand.

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