Musing for Today: Just Too Cute!

I don’t know if you remember a previous musing I posted about a nickname for us–“Twinkers”–but I recently came across a new word that I love even more! Whether it was intentional or accidental on the part of the two commenters (NewKDramaAddict and KStyle), I have no idea…All I know is that I’m really liking the new word for us “Musings” readers. What’s the word, you ask?


Heh heh…perhaps I’m just a nerdy word-lover, but doesn’t “Twinkles” suit us more appropriately? I even got the endorsement of approval from the original “Twinkers” suggester.

Some of you are probably wondering, “Why on earth does this nickname even matter?”

Other than the fact that I simply love words–sorry, it’s part of my profession to LOVE words LOL–I’m planning a surprise (to be released in October of this year) that makes this nickname quite important. And yes, I’m one of those people who like to plan things well in advance whenever possible. LOL

Although “Twinkers” (Twinkie + readers) is appropriate, “Twinkles” seems to imply that little spark of brilliance that I know all of us have. 🙂

Yes! We “twinkle”! 🙂

OK, enough silliness…recap of High Kick Episode 100 will be uploaded shortly…within the next 24 hours, I promise!

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6 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Just Too Cute!”

  1. @NewKDramaAddict lol me too. I feel the same way.

    I’m shining right now like a vampire from Twilight lol.

    I’m all aboard to be a Twinkles!!!

    #WeTwinkle ****

  2. “Twinkles” it is! *hee* I’m up for a new nickname. And OMG, I wanna just sqeeeeeze that puppy to death. So adorable! (why am I such a puppy freak?)

    1. Cool!
      LOL…there’s a chance that Bentley may get a little sibling that looks like this puppy. 🙂

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