Musing for Today: Holiday Cheers or Blues


You all know that I love the Christmas Season, but for a growing number of people, this time of year produces the exact opposite response: sadness, sense of loss, depression, etc. The more festivities they see, the less they want to be around people or the celebration.

For some, it may be because of the stress associated with family gatherings when relatives converge and the “comments” start. Some of you know what I’m talking about, right? Questions like “What are you doing with your life?” or “Why aren’t you more like ___________?” or a slew of other questions along those same lines. The best one is “When are you going to get married?” The answer to that silly question: When I find a guy with whom I can live the rest of my life in peace and happiness.

As much as this time of the year may pack joy and celebration, there’s also a dark side to this season and one that I’m learning to respect. Perhaps the sadness stems from the fact that a loved one passed away around this time of year. Or perhaps people are no longer able to celebrate with loved ones because of deaths or estrangements. While others are making merry with friends and family, they just don’t have friends or family to celebrate with them on those “special” days nor do they wish to “intrude” on someone else’s gathering. Such is the case with a good unni of mine whose parents are no longer alive and who is estranged from her only sibling.

Whatever the reason, I’m learning with each year that passes to be a bit more sensitive to those around me who may not be as enthusiastic about this time of month. If you are one of those who like to simply pass the month of December quietly and without much fanfare, I wish you a relaxing and warm month…and a great-big-warm-virtual hug from me (and the bear above) to you!

As small as this may be, I hope all of you find warmth and peace in our little community here. May it always be a happy place for Kdrama lovers! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Holiday Cheers or Blues”

  1. Gah. You always make me cry. I have both happy and sadness. This year I lost my uncle on my birthday. I still think I’m going to get a call from him asking me how the Dallas Cowboys are doing this year. I get those questions as well. “What are you doing with your life?” “Why are you with that man?” (about my husband). Then I have the opposite going on at the same time. My mother-in-law LOVES the holiday season. Our house is completely turned into Christmas Land, lol. She’s honestly one of the most amazingly generous persons I’ve ever met. I never thought I’d meet someone like this in my life, let alone two. From the beginning of this year, Snoopy’s Twinkie, you’ve been there for me in very rough times. It seemed like each time my spirits were as low as I thought they’d go, you were there to bring me up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all my fellow Twinkles, I wish you a great holiday season, even if you don’t share in the festivities. I also send out a hug to you. Feel the warmth and I hope to continue talking with all of you about our Kdrama addictions.


    1. *GIANT BEAR HUG* Forever kdrama nerds together ^^ lol

      Twinkie is an amazing person indeed. This little blog always brings a smile to my face even during…those certain times of the month when I want to bite someone’s head off or on Mondays. Not a Monday person. Haha

      I hope I, as a Twinkle, have at least helped you in some kind of way. You certainly entertain me! 😀

  2. Starting after the Thanksgiving holidays, I lose my will to work! We generally are closed during the Christmas to New Years period and its really hard to get incentives to work. I’m just counting the days until the break. And this year, its 2 weeks and a day!! Paid time off! Guess what I will be doing……

  3. I believe you’re spot on, ST. While many of us enjoy family time this season, it is an especially difficult time for those without loved ones, or who are burdened and cannot share the joy. I used to volunteer at a telephone hotline, and we received the highest volume of calls during the ‘big’ festive seasons – Christmas and Chinese New Year (which, for us, is when pesky relatives usually embark upon that line of questioning ST mentioned in her post). It’s at times like these that one acutely realises how it is possible to be alone even in a crowd.

    I’d like to join Niema in extending a big hug to any Twinkles who are feeling the blues this season 🙂 May you have peace,, and may God bless you!

  4. Thank you Twinkie for writing this.

    There use to be a time when I would get really depressed come December,it funny considering that my birthday is two days before Christmas. I had to do some soul searching and I had come to the realization that I had tied the death of my Mom and Grandmom to not only the month of December but as well as my birthday, since that’s when I received the bad news, it’s still a bit of a struggle to fully enjoy the festivities of December but now it only happens briefly and I make the choice to not dwell on bad/sad memories.

    I always thought I was the only one who felt like this during the holidays and I always tried not to let it show to my family because this time of the year is when we get to be with each other for an extened amount of time.

    To my fellow Twinklings who have felt down/sad/depressed during the holidays: It Gets Better in Time
    And thank you for all your comforting words, you guys are DAEBAK!!!

    Khamsanida!!! 🙂


  5. A big squeezy bear hug to you too ST.

    I often have the holiday blues starting a couple weeks before Thanksgiving until the Lunar New Year. I don’t have a large family and I was a minor living with different cousins (guardians) when I came to the United States without my parents many years ago. I spent a lot of my holidays with my 3rd cousins for many years. As their families extended, I often feel like my immediate family is not as welcomed as before at the family get together. I feel hurt and sensitive when one of the older cousins make insensitve comments… I read it as she is trying to exclude my family. The younger cousins are very sweet and nice. One of them is the one that organizing all the holidays get together and always send us an invitation to the family get together. She also volunteered me to host too. I don’t mind, but even when I host the party, the older cousins don’t seem to enjoy coming to my house. I feel uncomfortable when she scolded at her daughter who organized these family get together.

    There are times I just want to spend time with my in-laws, but my kids prefer celebrating the holidays with my side of the family first, before spending time at their paternal side of the family. Part of it because we observe different religions and part of it I want to include my dad and my disabled brother when I stay in town to celebrate the get together with my side of the family.

    I try to suppress my blues by preparing interesting foods to bring to the party. I also talk to my friends on the phone for their advice. These feelings come every single year for different reasons.

    A lot of us have mixed feelings during the holidays. It a season to celebrate and get together with family members, but it is also so troublesome.

  6. While I do enjoy the Christmas season very much, it does give me a sense of melancholy about what it used to be in my youth.

    I have a lot of relatives and about 15 cousins around my age, so Christmas used to be really fun when we were kids. For many days we’d jump from one family gathering to another one without a care in the world. I remember the huuuge pile of gifts destined for us and all the Secret Santa gifts and laughs. My cousins and I used to gather in line and sing Christmas carols. The adults wouldn’t even listen to us, but watching those memories on tape was pretty priceless. We would stand in line and wish my grandparents good health and wait for our red envelope, each one of us trying to say something different so the last person (the youngest) would always be the one at disadvantage! Then we grew up, got older and Christmas is not the same anymore. My cousins and I are still really close, and we are actually the one who are still trying to make the Christmas tradition continue in the family. The adults in the family treats Christmas like a burden: it’s the time of the year when they have to buy gifts and cook a lot. And it makes me sad to think that one day I might be like them as well…

    I also have this good friend of mine who’s studying here as a foreign student, so she’s far from home and always alone for the Holidays. I wish I could do something for her, but I can’t just dump the whole family tradition to keep her company. I think that this time of the year must be particularly hard for her, since it reminds her of everything she left behind in her home country: family, friends and even the warmth she grew up with (she was born and grew up with Vietnam’s tropical weather, and now she has to face the harsh Canadian winter alone…)

    Anyway, I still wish you all a happy holiday season!

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