Musing for Today: Choices Galore!

Ever been in a toy store and told by your generous parent that you can choose any toy in the store, BUT you can choose only one? That’s what I feel like right now. 🙁

There are so many new shows that I want to nutshell/recap, but only so much time. Thankfully, Jules is on board to help blog but still…There’s no way we can cover all of shows we are watching, so I’ve decided to pose a question to you all to help me resolve this dilemma–and what a dilemma it is! LOL

Dilemma: What should I nutshell/recap?

Once A Gentleman’s Dignity episode 20 is recapped–hopefully by tomorrow–I will be able to redirect my blogging attentions to a new series or two. I’ve already started on Arang and the Magistrate and will probably continue…however, I’m torn between Faith and To the Beautiful You as the second series.


Or is there an even “better” drama than these two that I’ve mentioned?

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8 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Choices Galore!”

  1. Oh man, this is a tough one! Arang? Definitely. I have yet to watch Faith but I did watch To the Beautiful You and the first episode was cute! Then we have the weekend dramas of May Queen and Five Fingers. I am not equipped to do a recap but I will definitely post on the Bulletin Board my thoughts on these if I actually continue to watch them. I can also do the same for Vampire Prosecutor 2! Yeah, you are right, there are soooooooooo many!!!

  2. I think you should recap To The Beautiful You it’s really quite cute and entertaining and won’t take as much time as faith to recap because it’s not very complex haha so easier to nutshell, since most people know the story already 😀 of course, you should keep Arang haha

  3. Definitely Faith – first two episodes are fabulous – beautifully filmed, well acted, a whole world has been created that is a mix of history and fantasy with a touch of humour. Not outright comedy like Arang but the touches are there. And so enjoy that they are riffig off goryeo and not joseon – a fresh look.

    I did watch the first episode of To the Beautiful You and cute, I guess, but so far I think the Japanese Orguri Shun / Horikita Maki / Ikuta Toma version has it all over this one.

  4. Oh yes please continue with Arang! I am definitely taken by the storyline so far.

    As for the other dramas, I am fine with whatever you’d like to recap. I confess to not liking Lee Min-ho a whole lot (don’t kill me) so I am lukewarm towards Faith, but the story seems pretty good so far. Much better than -shudder – Dr. Jin.

    Hmmm to add more to the mix, would you consider Answer Me 1997? It sounds pretty intriguing too!

  5. Hmmm I’m not really biased between either of those dramas, I think you should what you feel most comfortable with, I mean, YOU are the one doing these recaps. Go with what suits you best or whichever you like just a liiiiitle bit more and I will gladly and gratefully read whatever you post 🙂

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