Musing for Today: Celebration of Life

It was April 04, 2004, when this little furball was born into this big wide world. Another four years or so would pass before he would become “officially” my dog and another two before he “unofficially” became my little mascot for this blog.

For those of you just starting to read this blog, you may not have ever seen my little Pomeranian, who boasts a huge and ferocious spirit–despite his diminutive physical size–that protects my house and family from intruders, mailman, and other visitors…at least until we tell him that the visitors are welcome. 🙂

This little dog, who shall always remain a little puppy in my eyes, is now 8 years old, quite the seasoned, mature dog by canine standards but nevertheless adorable and puppyish in my eyes.

He’s provided me with a great many laughs, comforts, and companionship over the years–he rests by my feet while I recap Korean dramas for my reading community. 🙂 And today, I hope you’ll join me in wishing him a very happy birthday. My hope is that God will bless me with his presence for a great more number of years! Happy Birthday, Bentley!


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17 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Celebration of Life”

    He was the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen and he’s the most beautiful doggie in the world!
    I’m glad you’re taking such good care of him. 😉
    Hope he lives many many many more years.

  2. Happy Birthday Bentley-cutie! Many many many more birthdays to you, Bentley =)

    I had a Pomeranian named Chico but he passed away a few years ago (shortly after his “wife” passed). He was such a fun dog. Always happy to see us.

  3. I missed Bentley’s birthday!!!???? *hangs head in shame* Awwww, give him another big, slobbery, furry kiss from me. (his pictures are so wonderful, he’s very photogenic) LOL! What a cutie-pie. Seeing his face sort of makes everything seem brighter!

  4. Aww…. the cute Bentley! Happy belated birthday, Bentley. Stay healthy so you can accompany Twinkie unnie. Bentley, bring more happiness to twinkie unnie because she is a lovely unnie! ^^

    I used to have a puppy at home named Lulu. He bought Lulu as a present to his girlfriend. But sadly I can’t see Lulu anymore because my brother broke up with that girl and she took Lulu with her. Lulu is a very cute Shih-Tzu puppy. TSK TSK…. I miss Lulu now!

    Aww… Bentley looks so fluffy! I feel like I want to squeeze Bentley! So adorable!

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