Musing for Today: Celebrating Life’s Little Surprises


I don’t know about you, but sometimes, when I receive gifts, I don’t fully appreciate them…until I start using them.

And then it’s a whole new ball game.

I really start to appreciate the gift…especially when it surprises me.

Hmmm…Let me explain what I mean by sharing with you one of my recent gift surprises. 😉

Many of you have read about my little brother. If you haven’t or don’t remember, you can read a little bit about him here. In any case, when I went to visit Korea last November, he gave me this cardboard box (pictured above) that looked like a mini-pizza box from Mr. Pizza, one of the big pizza chains in Korea. (The Gold Potato Pizza is simply a celebration in your mouth! I’ve only had it once, yet I still have fond memories of that dining experience! 😉 You’ve got to try it…at least once!)

Anyhow, back to my musing for today. Imagine a 6-foot plus man giving his much shorter sister a mini-pizza box as a gift.







I looked at him a bit surprised, thanked him, and then brought it back home with me to California…never expecting what a treasure it would become in my blogging adventures here on “Musings.”

The pizza box is a Mr. Pizza promotional calendar for 2014 that marks all the major Korean holidays!

Musings Calendar

My little brother knows me well.

Cheesy Smile

Despite the fact that the gift didn’t cost him anything and that he wouldn’t have normally given me something that he got for free, he knew that I am a sucker for historical things and would love to mark those events with a blog post or two…hence the gift of the Korean calendar.

This is how cute the calendar is…


Can you see the little pictures to commemorate each event? For the month of March, the first (Samil Movement) and the fourteenth (White Day) are marked with pictures.

Too. Cute.

Well, I’ve been doing some massive Spring Cleaning recently, and I’m finding many more of these little unexpected treasures around the house.

Unexpected find after find has made me realize that these little things that may not mean much to most people mean quite a bit to me…and bring me more than just a little bit of joy.

So today, I wanted to celebrate all the joy that these little things can bring to our lives! If you’ve recently discovered one of these “little” things that have brought you joy, I hope you’ll share them with us! 🙂

And yes! You can bet that I’ll be bringing you more Korean holiday posts now that I have this calendar to remind me of them.

Ha V






Have an awesome, twinkilicious Tuesday, everyone! May your day abound with lots of little joyful moments and discoveries!

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8 thoughts on “Musing for Today: Celebrating Life’s Little Surprises”

  1. How does one say “thank you” when they feel that phrase just isn’t enough? I’ve been given an amazing gift that the gesture itself made me cry. The gift was amazing and even my husband was shocked. I’ve sat here for a month trying to figure out how to show how thankful I am and then realize I’ve not said those words to the two people this gift was from. I am truly sorry for this. You both know who you are (and let me know if you don’t mind me saying) but I need you to know that you’ve been there for me at every single hardship these past few years. Your kindness blows my mind and I wish I could do more for you both. My insecurities are creeping into my mind right now so I will try and end this reply. Thank you, fellow twinkles and Snoopy’s Twinkie. From the bottom of my heart.

      1. LOL. I’ll have to relay this message to him the next time I see him. In typical little brother fashion, he knows of this blog but doesn’t ever read anything from it. EVER. 😛 Little brothers! LOL

        But yeah, he’s pretty awesome! He’ll be happy to know that my friends think this of him. 😀

    1. Aw…Niema! *tackle hugs* You and your comments always bring a smile to my face. Thank YOU for your continued support and friendship! And personally, I don’t think the Twinkle in question will mind a thank-you shout out from you. 😉

  2. That is a good question Niema how do you say thank you to someone that means the world to my family. It started with a little box of goodies and a pot and some cool pillows.Then other little boxes would show up out of no where with all kinds of neat things for no real reason other than the person is just a good kind soul. Helped me get my thoughts about things headed in the right direction. Is there anytime I need to talk with someone if I am having a bad time of it. Then there someone way out in Singapore that has become a Sister to me we send emails and I got a little box of New Years goodies she wanted to share with my family. We can talk about anything and its like we have known each other all our life. How do you say thank you to someone like that. There is this crusty “old” lady that is a inside joke with us. That always says morning or how are you today. If she has had a tuff day I will listen to her and she will do the same for me. There is a dear soul that sent me a the cutest little korean girl phone charm. She did not have to do that but she is a sweet person and that is just her. Then last but not least I have a buddy that from day one we talked and joked and she gave me a nick name so I had to give her one lol. Thank you just don’t seem enough. But being a dude you can’t say things or it gets all taken out of context the way a lady can. To bad things have gotten the way they have. So from the depths of my heart is where you have a spot and always will. The things I get from them all is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox to me. Thank you, Kamsahamsida, Merci, Xièxiè, terima kasih.

  3. That’s so cute! Little brothers! It’s great to reach an age to appreciate them. Me and my little brother are 6 years apart and believe me when we were young, appreciation ISN’T what I had. But now, I see it more and more.

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