Musing for Today: A Little Goes a Long Way

Yes, you’re seeing correctly. This is a picture of a treadmill.

Why, you ask? 

Recently, it’s been brought to my attention again–and quite forcibly when a 22-year-old woman died from stomach cancer–that my body is the only one I’ve got, and it’s my job to take better care of it.

In the past ten years, due to my sedentary lifestyle, I have gone from being a somewhat active athlete–swimming, tennis, jogging, soccer, etc.–to primarily sitting at my desk preparing my lessons, grading papers and exams, and viewing the all-important Korean dramas and recapping. 🙂

After witnessing several deaths and serious illnesses around me in the past few months, I’ve made a number of little changes, changes that I hope will go the distance in keeping me healthier and happier: daily vitamins, a gradual increase of vegetables and fruits and a corresponding decrease of meats and fats in my diet, earlier sleep time (although it’s still a struggle to get to bed before 1AM), and more recently, the purchase of a rather costly treadmill–compliments of my surgeon sister–to keep me exercising daily. I no longer have any excuse not to work out…other than that I don’t want to work out. LOL. Seriously, though, it’s been great because I can check email while I power walk on the treadmill or even watch an episode of my Kdrama. Yup, The King of Dramas is going to keep me company on my morning walks starting tomorrow. 🙂

I’m hoping that the little things that I am doing now will stay the test of time and truly keep me healthier and less stressed. It’s so easy to ignore the little things and focus on the “big” things when in reality, it’s so much easier to make big impacts by doing the little things. I hope that makes sense. I often forget that little (easy) things can make such profound changes. For instance, a small hello can brighten someone’s day and radically alter the day’s outcome for that person. A bill paid on time can prevent unnecessary charges, minimizing stress and negating any unnecessary aggravation. A decision to sleep early can help one’s body get the much-needed sleep to replenish the body for another hectic day of school or work. All in all, these little things add up.

I’m hoping that as I approach the end of another year, I can incorporate these small changes I’ve made recently so that they become permanent ones, ones that help me be the best me I can be. 🙂

I’m curious to hear what “little things” some of you have done to live healthier lives. Please share them with me because I plan to live until I’m 97, God willing. 🙂

On a fun note, I’m one of those silly people who names her possessions. My car is named Sebastian, my computer is named Einstein IV (I was an Apple classic, II was an IBM Thinkpad, and III was a Toshiba), etc. Any suggestions on a name for my new acquisition? What might be an appropriate name for a treadmill?

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10 thoughts on “Musing for Today: A Little Goes a Long Way”

  1. ‘Dash’ reminds me of The Incredibles. There is a part where Dash (their speedy son) puts on his costume, looks in the mirror and says “Dash likes.” while posing. I can see you putting that as a think bubble for the treadmill, lol.

  2. SpeedRacer!!!

    And good for you for making that change Twinkie.

    If anyone is trying to get back on that exercise band wagon, Yoga I Say Yoga. It helped me lose two dress sizes( helped preserve my Sexy), got my posture back on route and it’s free (there a lot of videos on YouTube).

    It will be hard (I ain’t gonna lie) but I want to be healthy for years to come plus it will help me reach my six pack abs ^.^

  3. I say… Excelsior, to remind you to continue to strive for greatness (or simply to keep going when you feel like giving up). 😀

    To keep in shape, I walk to work (and back, of course) every day. (Though I realise that might not be an option for everyone. ;))

  4. Lightning McQueen xD CARS!! (I have loads of little brothers 😛 and tomboy baby sister…)

    And I have cut out junk food from my snacks and diet (okay…I had a craving for a small box of nerds last night, I admit -_-) Its hard! I try my best to avoid foods in high calories (no more delicious ramen for me or cake or icecream *cries*) and I drink lots of water because your metabolism won’t work without it. Water and green tea 🙂 oh but today my friend made me drink milk (for my bones, she said haha) and I eat a lot less and avoid fast food like the devil. In America, its actually pretty easy to lower your calorie intake. I notice a lot of exchange students always complain the food is bad for you and they gain weight like crazy but its not like all we eat are Big Macs or something. Healthy choices ARE available….they just happen to not taste as good as Oreos 🙁 oh how long has it been my forgotten friend..that is the problem I am struggling with. I want some delicious sweets but cannot eat them, it’s terrible. As for exercise, I have an exercise bike and I go on that for an hour a day since I refuse to walk in cold weather. I’ll take up walking again when it’s warmer xD I’d like a treadmill but my parents told me to invest in one myself 😛

    These little changes have done so much for me. I wasn’t even aware I was overweight last year and told myself I was perfectly normal. However, at 5 ft, weighing 116 lbs is a little much. So cruel reality forced me to exercise and make healthier choices. I now weigh 104 and I won’t change how I eat though I wish I could eat a little more cookies…haha

  5. Recently I was encouraged to be on a special diet to lose weight with my two good friends based on someone else successful diet plan (similar to Wol’s diet plan). We each lost approximately 10 lbs withing 6 weeks. This is the first time ever that I can actually lost some weight. That because of the supports, encouragements and coaching I received from my friends.

    I have made many attempts to lose weight in the past and had many good ideas on how and what I needed to do to be healthy. I bought a treadmill from one of my co-workers, but it never made it inside the house for a long time (2 years). It was just collecting dusts in our garage. Then, I started to do intensive martial art training with my kids for two years, but still I couldn’t lose weight (so sad). I then hurt myself trying to do a flying kick (haha) and had an ACL surgery. I couldn’t continue with martial art even after physical therapy, so the treadmill is finally moved inside the family room for me to use. I have to honestly say that it is really hart for me to get on that treadmill to exercise, but once I am on it I don’t want to stop and feel really good afterward.

    So good luck Snoopy Twinkie. Small changes will bring great results. I also think it is a good idea to catch up on your dramas watching while exercising on your treadmill. Watching dramas is a good distraction from your exhaustion and pain.

    How about naming it Moodpacer.

    You can walk/run slow or fast depend on the feelings from the drama you watch.

  6. Jia you, ST! You are absolutely right that it is doing a small things which adds up to a difference. Something I have long realised, but which I still have problems actually implementing in my life. (look how long it took me to respond to this post!)

    How about ‘The Deck’? I’m going to hit the deck . . . . I’ve been decked a good one (after running the marathon on the treadmill) . .. the deck is stacked against me (not in the mood for running, blame the treadmill). Sorry, in a strange frame of mind!

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