Movie Monday: Wonderful Radio (2012)

Starring: Lee Min Jung (Boys over Flowers, Cyrano Agency, etc.), Lee Jung Jin (9 End 2 Outs, Love Story in Harvard, etc.), Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man, Dong Yi, etc.)

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 120 minutes

Twinkies: 4 out of 5

Synopsis: Shin Jin Ah (Lee Min Jung) is the former leader of a popular girl group, Purple, who now hosts a radio show called Wonderful Radio. When the producer is replaced with a new PD Lee Jae Hyeok (Lee Jung Jin) due to low ratings, Jae Hyeok and Jin Ah engage in the usual battle of wills for supremacy over the other as the two also work hard to save their radio program. In the process, they discover a heartwarming way to save their program as well as draw closer to each other. 

Musings: Although this movie doesn’t offer anything new to the genre of romantic comedy, oh my, does it deliver some extremely hilarious moments! All I’m going to say is that Lee Kwang Soo is quite the scene stealer. LOL

Now, I will confess…I haven’t finished watching it yet, but so far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. 🙂

Hopefully, you will, too! Be prepared to chuckle your heads silly and cry some tears at the more poignant moments. Below is a trailer for your viewing pleasure…

Happy Monday!

*Addendum @ early 5/22/12 (I won’t say how early, or you’ll think I’m really crazy. I know I think I am right now. LOL): OK, so I stayed up just to finish the movie and found it a definite feel-good movie. Normally, I’d probably give a movie like this a 3, but two things bumped it up to a 4: Lee Jung Jin and Kwang Soo. I mean, how does one ignore the cuteness of two grown men who throw hissy fits just because someone has “trampled” on their adolescent favorite songs? Heh. Lee Jung Jin fighting–silently on computer keyboard–was funny, but Kwang Soo “fighting” with an elementary student was…priceless! LOL. Definitely a movie that’s worth a viewing…a guaranteed laugh and a cry…at least one! 😉

All right…off to bed now! I’m hoping to recap K2H ep. 18 later today. 🙂 Good night!

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10 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Wonderful Radio (2012)”

  1. ok will look for the movie to download

    Finished S Diary last night which was oaky for me but cried my eyes out watching Maunday Thursday and Daddy Long Legs

    Gonna watch The Recipe and Too Beautiful To Lie tonight

    Really look forward to Movie Monday now, love your reccomendations

  2. If this isnt available on Youtube, someone please tell me where I can download with english subs…i havent really downloaded anything before lol

    *pokes Nayong*

    1. Its on YouTube. Just added it to my playlist. After this week (after RTP, TK2H, EM us over), I will start watching my movies again on Sunday 😀

    2. @ Wol you can download or watch from I checked it out and they have Wonderful Radio, just didn’t have the tme to download yet

      Got most of the dramas and movies there
      I’m kinda learning to enjoy KMovies now so I really look forward to Movie Monday to see whats next, hehe

      Hope this helps Wol!

  3. @Nayong OMG how could you do that to yourself. You like the torture, don’t ya?
    You watched both Maunday Thursday and Daddy Long Legs, I feel for you cuz I was a mess after watching those two movies.

    Hopefully Two Beautiful to Lie and The Recipe will make you laugh versus cry or you can cry happy tears ^.^

    YAY thanks Twinkie. I hear about this movie but wasn’t sure if I would like it. I will give it a go.

    Thanks again!!!


    1. @KStyle yeah sometimes you need to cry your eyes out, lol

      Just so happens to pick them and to tell you the truth am now a Kang Dong Won fan after watching the Taoist Wizard!
      Duelist didn’t work for me

      If you lime some crime dramas, try Hindsight or Man of Vendetta
      My nephew like Jung Woo Sung but so far i haven’t been impressed as most of the movies are kinda boring, draggy

      Didn’t make it to watch the two movies tonight as my sis decided to repeat Daemul, haish I need to watch this soon
      Let me know how you like this movie

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