Movie Monday – Veteran (2015) Special Review

Starring: Yoo Ah In as Jo Tae-Oh, Hwang Jeong Min as Det. Seo Do-Cheol, Oh Dal Su as Team Leader Oh, Yu Hae Jin as Dir. Choi, Yoo In Young as Da-Hye, Jung Man Shik as Manager Jeon, Jin Kyung as Joo-Yeon, Kim Shi Hoo as Det. Yoon, and Jeong Wung In as Trucker Bae

Rating: R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 123 min

Twinkies: 4 1/2 stars

Synopsis: After an international auto theft sting, dimwitted detective Do-Cheol is treated to a night at a club where he meets Sun-jin Group third-in-line, Tae-oh, whose rude behavior rubs Do-Cheol the wrong way. Convinced Tae-oh is a drug addict, Do-Cheol tries to investigate, but is stopped by his boss.

Meanwhile, Tae-Oh has a run-in with Mr. Bae, a truck driver that helped Do-Cheol with his auto theft case. After being humiliated and beaten for Tae-Oh’s amusement, Bae is hospitalized but his son finds Do-Cheol’s business card and calls for help. Do-Cheol feels responsible and so decides to get Tae-Oh, no matter what it takes and no matter how much Tae-Oh tries to sabotage him.

Musings: Wow! I haven’t been to the movies in AGES, folks! I couldn’t believe how expensive it is now! However, I must thank a working Sunday for giving me the opportunity to go home “the long way” and stop at one of the two theaters that we are lucky to have in the Washington Metro area that always shows CJ Entertainment offerings.

This movie had everything. Car chases! Foot pursuits! Police action! Fight scenes! Funny scenes that made you laugh! Disturbing scenes that made you winch! But one thing for sure, there was some really great acting!

From Yu Hae Jin as Choi, Tae-Oh’s right hand man, there couldn’t have been a better casting. You went from feeling sorry for Choi to wondering how could greed drive a man to go to such lengths for his employer!! Money, don’t have to tell me!

To Oh Dal Su as Team Leader Oh. The man had me laughing so hard most of the time! Talk about making the “Keystone Cops” so funny that even their idiocy has you screaming with laughter! Thank you Cinema for having recliner seats! It truly kept me from falling onto to the floor a couple of times! It was also nice to be in an audience that “got the jokes”!

Handsome and crazy! What better way to describe Yoo Ah In’s character of Tae-Oh. This man took rich privilege to new heights! From the scene with Truck Driver Bae and his son to the private party with cast members and friends. His Tae-Oh was nasty and truly believed that he was “Untouchable”

Last, but not least is the veteran actor and sensationally funny Hwang Jeong Min as Do-Cheol. From the car buying scene to catch the car theft ring until the very end, Jeong Min had me laughing at all stages of the movie.

Both actors put their heart, soul, and body (there was so serious fight scenes) into this movie. I really did enjoy it a lot and have plans to buy in the future to watch it again and again. Okay, before you ask me, NO, this is not available online. As the movie was just released here in the US last week and in South Korea last August, it will be months before we see it surface online. But I promise, as soon as a legitimate site makes it available, I will post it here. Stay tuned.

Veteran now playing at the following theaters in North America. See list of theaters here:
List of Theaters for Veteran Movie

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is NOT available as of yet so check again later for updates!

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  1. Saw it on Sunday too – it was AWESOME!!! Wasn’t expecting it to be so hilarious, but Tae-ho’s character was a little too over-the top psychotic for me… almost borderlining on cartoonish. And then I had to go back to work afterwards all hyped-up. Still well worth the price of admission!

        1. I went to the Regal in La Habra last week–I think it’s still playing there and in Irvine too if DTLA is too much of a haul. The movie review is on my blog–click the link with my name.

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