Movie Monday: Tone Deaf Clinic (2012)

Starring: Yoon Sang Hyun as Shin Heung, Park Ha Sun as Dong Joo, Choi Jin Hyuk as Min Soo, Kim Hae Sook (Dong Joo’s mother), and Im Jung Eun as Bo Ra

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 124 min

Twinkies: 3 stars

Synopsis: Dong Joo (Park Ha Sun), who is tone-deaf, has a crush on a man and attempts to improve as a singer to become closer to him by disguising herself as a high school student to get a discount. Shin Heung (Yoon Sang Hyun), an instructor at a tone deaf clinic, by chance helps Dong Joo and begins to like her. Meanwhile, Bo Ra (Lim Jung Eun) is a friend of Dong Joo who also tries to helps Dong Joo.

Musings: Again, a big thanks to my twitter buddy, NeeNee for helping me end this year’s Movie Monday with a comedy! I deducted 1/2 star for the horrible singing that made babies cry!! Plus, another 1/2 star off for the visual eye strain of looking at Shin Heung’s train wreck of a hairdo! Shudders! Once you get past that, the story, at times was pretty funny.

This was my first Park Ha Sun comedy. Admittedly, her character became kind of annoying as the object of her affection, Min Soo, played by Choi Jin Hyuk didn’t even know how she felt because she never said so. Once you hear just how far she took this unrequited love, it is even sadder.

I did like her scenes with Yoon Sang Hyun to be infinitely more interesting. There is one scene where she comes to one of the lessons with fabric freshener and starts spraying him from head to toe. Poor Shin Heung!

Also her drunk scene is pretty hilarious! From the sidewalk drinking establishment with her objections about the live octopuses to the piggyback ride home. Again, poor Shin Heung!

But what would the movie had been like without at least one singing scene from Yoon Sang Hyun. There is one thing for sure, the ending is hysterical!

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on several sites. Ask me if your interested.

Well folks, we are really coming to the end of another year. As with dramas, there has been some winning movies and some horrible ones. In the coming year, I plan on continuing with themed months; starting with January being Gang Dong Won Birthday month; February, Love for Valentine’s Day; March for Music themed movies; April for Crime/Detective movies; and May for Movies with Feelings (in the title). Still working on the rest of the year. As always, I am open for suggestions. Drop me a comment anytime with suggestions. Here’s hoping that we ALL have a wonderful and prosperous 2014!
Next month I will be reviewing a few movies from my main man, Kang Dong Won (really, I only have 3!). As the birthday boy (January 18th), I thought it would be fitting to review some of the movies I haven’t already talked about!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Tone Deaf Clinic (2012)”

  1. Thank you for this review 🙂
    I think I will watch this movie when I have some free time because I really like Park Ha Sun since I loved her hilarious character in Highkick but moving in ‘2 weeks’ ^__^

  2. Surprised by your rom-com selection since I know you don’t particularly care for those. 🙂
    Thanks for another fun review!

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