Movie Monday: The Relation of Face, Mind, and Love (2009)

Starring: Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ji Ah, Hwang Bo Ra, etc.

Rating: PG-13/R

Time: 107 minutes


Synopsis: Celebrated architect, Kang Tae Pung (Kang Ji Hwan), gets into a car accident and suffers an odd aftermath of the event: he sees beautiful women as ugly and ugly women as beautiful. When he meets Wang So Jung (Lee Ji Ah), he is instantly smitten and even goes so far as to prepare to marry her…that is, until his odd side-effect subsides and his vision returns to normal. 

Returning to his callous, superficial ways, he heartlessly rejects So Jung. By the time he realizes the true meaning of loving a woman, another accident comically gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Musings: So you all know that I adore Kang Ji Hwan, right?

What’s not to adore?! He’s tall, dark, handsome…and hilariously comical!  No matter how insipid the story may be, he has a way of bringing it to life and infusing it with some humanity…at least to me.

Such is the case with this movie.

The movie weaves a tale of silliness, superficiality, and the clichéd notion of a handsome-drop-dead-gorgeous man falling for an-incredibly-unattractive-but-kind woman. And yes, this stereotypical story has the woman be the “epitome” of goodness, rewarded with the handsome man once he redeems himself as a piece of humanity.

Sounds like a movie right up my alley, right? I so wanted to like it, if not love it.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The movie starts out promising enough–after all, it’s got Kang Ji Hwan–but that is NOT how it ends. As much as I love Kang Ji Hwan and his attempt to give his character some substance, there’s only so much that can be done when the leading heroine Wang So Jung (Lee Ji Ah) is incredibly superficial, concocting romantic fantasies and a promising future with Kang Tae Pung (Kang Ji Hwan) simply because he is handsome. As is the case with many grand “love” stories–the most prominent culprit in my mind being Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet–this story is more a case of lust at first sight rather than the quintessential love at first sight.

But then again, perhaps that was what the writer and director were trying to do–upend the clichéd story of a rich, handsome guy falling for the pathetic, unattractive girl. In any case, I found the movie interesting to watch once…but I doubt I’ll watch it again…unless I have a craving for Kang Ji Hwan. 😉

Granted, I appreciated the critique of the fleetingness of the outer beauty and how it’s really the inner beauty that ultimately matters. I even chuckled at bit at the end when Tae Pung gets a taste of his own medicine when So Jung develops a similar symptom after a bonk on the head. However, the story is told a bit too bluntly for my taste and without very much finesse.

Overall, I found my beloved Kang Ji Hwan’s talents unable to compensate for the weak story to lure me back for a second viewing or a higher twinkie rating than a 3.

So, why the “Movie Monday” selection, you ask? As much as I wouldn’t watch it again, it was a decent movie, and I thought some of you fellow Kang Ji Hwan fans would enjoy watching our dapper Kdrama star play the arrogant, handsome man he portrays so well. LOL

Below is my usual inclusion of the trailer, and as for the movie, you can find it on YouTube. Have a great week, twinkles!

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10 thoughts on “Movie Monday: The Relation of Face, Mind, and Love (2009)”

  1. I saw it awhile back and can’t agree more with what you’ve stated already. It irked me a lot how superficial she is but I didn’t mind watching it at least once. I did enjoy myself as I got past my issues with the character and just had fun. =)

  2. So I gotta be honest and say that this movie has been in my to watch list for a while now.

    I haven’t watched yet cuz I’ve never heard anyone talk about it and I wasn’t sure about the storyline
    Since you have been so kind to put in on the recommendation list of MovieMondays
    I’m going to watch it!!!

    Thanks Twinkie ^.^

    Now off to DramaFever to watch !


    1. Welcome to our Musings community, LP Hugo! Thanks for letting me know. Hmmm…I guess that blogger liked the way I summarized the movie, huh? 😛

        1. That’s sad to hear…One would hope each blogger would have pride in his/her work to take the time to summarize the movies in his/her own words.

          1. But the plagiarism doesn’t just concern summaries. Each of this guy’s “reviews” is a conglomerate of different paragraphs lifted directly from different reviews, with some paragraphs actually being in contradiction with each other. It’s just appalling.

          2. *stunned* If the plagiarism extends beyond the summaries, I wonder why the person even bothers to blog at all. I agree with your assessment: It’s appalling.

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