Movie Monday – The Last Puzzle (2014)

Starring: Yoon Tae Young as Jae Ho, Kim Min Jae as Tae Shik, Jung Ji Yoon as Min Ju, and Choi Dae Cheol as Min Chul

Rating: PG-13+, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 69 min

Twinkies: 3 stars

Synopsis: This story starts from “What if I’m a father who lost his daughter to a tragic accident?” While the world is filled with stories about revenge and forgiveness, what if we were the victims? Would we be able to forgive and forget so easily? What if the things that happened on the screens actually happened to us and involved my family such as my daughter? How would a father feel if he loses his daughter and neither the law, or the police can do anything about it? What else would he be able to do?

Musings: This is definitely a “What would you do?” drama special as we follow Lieutenant Jae Ho as he investigates the crimes against his daughter and the people involved. A happy story or ending, this is not but maybe a cautionary tale of how no matter how much we try to protect our children, sometimes we can fail and the sadness as well as sorrow that can overtake you can and WILL control your life. The sad thing was to find out that the criminal was being protected by Jae Ho’s superior. It made you wonder just how much he knew. The movie is filled with violence, as you can imagine so stay clear if you are squeamish! The revelation at the ending: unexpected.

I enjoyed seeing Yoon Tae Young again. From the wonderful father in King’s Daughter to the underutilized Jo Sang Heon in Night Watchman’s Journal. It is really hard to believe how well an actor he is but gets so few roles. I’m still waiting for his career to soar and soar. If anyone ever finds “Late Night Hospital” with english subtitles; let me know!

Trailer is available on on Hancinema Website only. The movie is available on YouTube.

Next month I will concentrate on some of the movies that I liked that are also readily available on legitimate streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, SoompiTV, and DramaFever.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Monday – The Last Puzzle (2014)”

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve found so many good short dramas on KBS World’s YouTube channel and have added this to my list to view.

    There are a few Korean movies that I’ve been interested in but haven’t found a licensed site to watch them on. Namely, “The Target” and “The Berlin File”. Amazon has a few that are on my list: “Love 911”, “My Dear Desperado”, “My Girl and I”, and “Once Upon A Time in Seoul”. Have quite a few in my Hulu list too ~ just not enough time to watch.

    Dramafever has announced they will have “A Werewolf Boy” which I’ve purchased but never watched. Anyway, I look forward to reading your future reviews!

    1. Yes, KBSWorld has a lot of great, short movies! I try to review them a few times a year because there are so many and a lot of them weren’t on any site. Make sure you check out the others I reviewed that are all on YouTube. The Berlin File is on Netflix. I’m not even sure where I watched The Target. Like you, I also have an unopened copy of Werewolf Boy. Okay, here’s the deal, when I break the seal and review it, you must also watch it!!

      1. It’s a deal! Also have an unopened copy of Roaring Currents. Don’t have a Netflix account so I probably won’t see The Berlin File any time soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

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