Movie Monday: The Classic (2003)

Starring: Son Ye Jin (A Moment to Remember, The Art of Seduction, Summer Scent, Personal Preference, etc.),  Jo Seung Woo (Chunhyang, Marathon, Love Phobia, etc.), Jo In Sung (Love of South & North, What Happened in Bali, Frozen Flower, Shoot for the Star, Spring Day, etc.), Lee Ki Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Outrageous Women, etc.)

Rating: PG

Twinkies: 4 out of 5

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Synopsis: This movie creates a seamless parallel narrative of mother (Joo Hee) and daughter (Ji Hye), both roles played by Son Ye Jin. The mother, a young woman during the 1960s, loves and loses her first love while the daughter, in present time, is unable to boldly go after her love interest.

The story unfolds slowly yet beautifully as details are unveiled to reveal the truth behind the mother’s lost love, which gives Ji Hye the courage to pursue her heart’s desire rather than shyly let life’s opportunity pass her by. 


What can I say? I was just coming off of my Spring Day craze and needing another fix of Eun Sup. However, since Eun Sup is a character, I opted for the next best thing: Jo In Sung.


This movie is definitely on the “slow” side, but the beauty of the story and characters make up for any perceived slowness. If you are interested in movies that move you, this is a “classic” to watch. LOL…sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. 😀

In any case, I would highly recommend this movie, if for no other reason than to see Ko Eun Sup…I mean, Jo In Sung. Heh…

Seriously, though, the parallel narrative allows the viewers to catch a glimpse of Korea’s 1960s while observing a timeless and cherished love relationship and its effects. I saw this movie several years after it was released but was nevertheless impressed by the cinematography and the smooth execution of the storytelling. I don’t think anyone who watches this film will be disappointed. Just take a look at one of the “classic” moments in the film:

How sweet is this scene? Sang Min (Jo In Sung) and Ji Hye run across campus in the rain, sheltered by his jacket. Say it with me now: Aw…. 😉

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31 thoughts on “Movie Monday: The Classic (2003)”

  1. Hi Twinkie, am feeling the same way about Eun Sup haha
    Actuall have 2 more episodes of Spring Day to finish, seriously this is my first time to see Jo In Sung and am contemplating whether to look for What Happened in Bali, ( though I read it has a sad ending ) just to see him again.

    So will possibly look to download this movie and Frozen Flower too
    Haha Jo In Sung mania** freaks out **

  2. Sheesh Twinkie, I don’t know how you do it but every time Im iffy about watching a movie, you end up recommanding it and I always fall in love with it.

    All this to say You Rock and Movie Mondays make my Mondays fun YAY!!!

    I will be watching this for sure now and YAY I didn’t know that one of my favorite actresses, Ha Ji Won was in the Duelist (I freaking love her and can’t wait for King2Hearts to premiere)@NewKDramaAddict khamsanida ^.^

    Twinkie Kahamsanida so very much
    *runs up and gives a huge warm hug ^.^ 😀

    1. Aw…that is so awesome! Thank you for that great bit of news. I love it when other people love the movies I love. 🙂

    2. @KStyle, Back at you! Tell me what you think of the duels!! If you don’t rewind and watch them again, I will be shocked!!

  3. i’m really planning to watch the movie this week…good thing i read this…i’m only starting to like Jo Insung now coz i’m watching his sitcom new nonstop 2 in youtube..kinda late right?since that was a 2001 show…too bad there aren’t complete episodes uploaded…also mostly were not eng subbed and others were chinese dubbed =( i’m having a hard time finding sites to download it..i love his character there…soooo sweeettt…love him with park kyung lim…odd couple but i love the pairing..if anyone can give me site where to download the episodes please tell me…do u have any idea twinkie?hehe….thanks so much…still loving ur blog =)

    1. youtube was my source, too, until I found a partial DVD boxset from a Chinese DVD store, which was selling Korean dramas. And yes, I completely agree with the awesome yet odd pairing of Jo In Sung and Park Kyung Lim. I only watched that show for them. 😀
      Perhaps I’ll try to track down that boxset again and offer it as a monthly giveaway one of these days, although I wouldn’t be able to attest to the quality of the English subs.
      BTW, trying to recap High Kick 3 Episode 103 for later tonight/tomorrow! 🙂

      1. you do too?OMG!i really love them!it’s ok even if the eng subs were not that good…i even watched those in youtube without subs or dubbed in chinese just to see the loveline of Insung & KyungLim…they’re also the main reason why i liked the show..i’m really dying to know how i can have all the episodes..i dont know where to download them..i’m sad =( i don’t know how to join for ur monthly giveaway but i guess i’ll have to try for NewNonstop2 boxset if u still have that..i really really really want that..!!!hehe…
        oh and i’ll be waiting for the next highkick recaps..though there’s no more jinhee-kyesang loveline for us *sigh*, im still watching it..i’m also reading ur other reviews regarding k-movies..loved it.. =)

        1. P.S. twinkie do u still remember the channel in youtube where u watched newnonstop2?i’d like to see if it’s still working maybe i could get to watch other episodes…i really appreciate all ur help… =)
          btw, im a Filipino…are u a korean?

          1. I just YouTube searched it, but the channel doesn’t exist anymore. I shall definitely look into getting that box set. 🙂
            I’m Korean American.

          1. awww…guess i really have to find some other ways to watch all the episodes of NNS2…hope u could find the boxset..i would definitely join the monthly giveaways for that..hehe…thanks again really glad i got here in ur blog..ur such a big help for us non-koreans… =)

  4. You talked me into watching this and it was good! I believe the upcoming “Love Rain” is going to be similar to this with 2 generations and the actors playing both past & future characters. LOVE the rain scene, simply heart fluttering. *hee*
    I’m such a Jo In Sung freak that I’ve seen A Frozen Flower over 8 times and What Happened In Bali over 20 times. (yea, I’m a sicko) Thanks for recommending this!

    1. @tessieroo, you are definitely a glutton for punishment! I vowed after A Love to Kill to NOT watch dramas like What Happened in Bali again. Let’s just say I did not get very far.. 😀

  5. Finished!

    This movie was sooo incredibly good. Although I wished to see a bit more of the present relationship with jo in sung and son ye jin, overall, it was still super!!!!!!!!!

    It’s about 2 hours long.. but so worth it for those twinkles that haven’t seen it. Loved the OST, cinemamamatography(lol, spelling is off) and just everything!!! Surprisingly, there were LOTS of hilarious moments.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

    Anywhos, this should be called Must-Watch Movie Monday!!

    sseng u ms twinkieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ lol.

  6. The movie, “The Classic” is indeed classic for now. Haha…

    Aigoo, I hope my WI-FI connection is faster so I can watch it! I read all of your comments and I think this movie is awesome.

    Nevermind, I will put this movie in my playlist. Thanks for your recommendation, twinkie. ^^

  7. Just finished The Classic. A dual love story! I am blown away with the Korean writer’s story telling ability! Appropriately named! Phenomenal story!! TTTEEEAAARRRS MMUUUSSTT SSSTTOOPP!!

    Yesterday I watched Love, So Divine (2004) with Ha Ji-Won (my favorite) and Kwon Sang-Woo. Definitely another to watch! Thanks Snoopy for making my Saturday movie watching a wonderful experience!

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