Movie Monday: Take Off (2009) – aka National Athlete

Starring: Ha Jung Woo, Seong Dong Il, Kim Ji Seok, etc. 

Rating: PG/PG-13

Running Time: 137 minutes

Twinkies: 4

Synopsis: Based on a true story, this movie chronicles the journey of five men and how South Korea assembles its first-ever ski jump team in an effort to win a bid to host a Winter Olympics in South Korea. Through the ups and downs, the movie shows a heart-warming look at the lives of these national athletes who not only shine on competition day–representing the hopes and dreams of their country–but also struggle and fight to reach that eventful day. 

Musings: With the London 2012 Summer Olympics now behind us–yes, I did get to chance some of the events on television–I thought it was only fitting to suggest a movie on the Olympics, albeit one that uses the Winter Olympics as the background. 

I saw this movie a year or two ago–the years are starting to blur for me LOL–and found it a heart-warming and insightful movie on the lives of five unlikely athletes, who struggle through great odds and obstacles to proudly represent their country and their families. The fact that this movie is based on a true story of Korea’s first-ever ski jump team makes the story that much better.

I laughed and I cried. The recent Summer Olympics coverage gave us just a glimpse into the lives of these hard-working Olympians that we watched on TV, but this movie explores the long journey to the Olympics in greater detail, giving viewers a small peek at the road to Olympic “glory” that is paved with anything but glamour and success.

I hope some of you get the opportunity to watch this movie; it’s definitely worth a viewing, comparable to Disney’s Cool Runnings, a movie about Jamaica’s first bobsledding team. Here are the links to the trailer and the full-length movie on YouTube. Just click on the “CC” for English subtitles. Enjoy!



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  1. Loved Cool Runnings. Might look this up. But I did watch As One with Han Ji Won and Bae Doo Na. That was wonderful!

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