Movie Monday: Sunny (2008) Vietnam Experience

Starring: Soo Ae as Soon Yi/Sunny, Jeong Jin Yeong as Jeong-man, Joo Jin Mo as Seong Chan, Uhm Tae Woong as Sang Gil, and Jung Kyung Ho as Yong Deuk

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 126 min

Twinkies: 4 stars

Synopsis: Old fashioned Soon-yi (Soo-Ae) marries into a family in the country without love. But when her husband abandons her by enlisting into the Vietnam war, she wants to show that she is capable of loving him. She uses her vocal talent to search for Sang-gil (Uhm Tae Woong) by joining a “consolatory band” and heads to Vietnam and sings for the restless soldiers in hopes of meeting her husband while on tour. Newly named “Sunny,” she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love.

Musings: This movie hit me by surprise. Why? I restled with myself whether or not to review it here because of the content. Why? The old saying of “War is Hell” is a truism. And it was well portrayed in this movie. I remember back to the days of watching various movies when I was younger where they portrayed the entertainers that would go to these war-torn countries but after watching this, I have to look at these entertainers in a different light. I don’t think you will see too many movies that really represent intensity of war AND the sacrifice some make as well as the dirty dealings to get that next gig!

My initial thoughts on Soon-yi were: “Is she crazy?” She voluntarily goes to a foreign country, not speaking the language AND during wartime! What was she thinking? Was it really just the insistence of her mother-in-law? I think not and after watching this movie, you definitely get to realize that.

Soo-Ae, as usual, was fantastic. She really brought the character of Soon-yi/Sunny to life. And she can sing! Wonderful voice!

Jeong Jin Yeong was the character you loved to hate! From the beginning, his character of Jeong-man was like a hard pill to swallow. He would do things that would make any human being cringe! His methods of making that “all mighty dollar” were, in one word, disgusting. His character didn’t care who he used, hurt, or abused. In the end, it was amazing that you finally saw a different side to him; what a transformation!

One of the best scenes was when the band was captured by the Vietcong and dragged to the underground tunnels. It was amazing to watch this scene as they were dragged underground and faced with death; Soon-yi sings to prove why they were there, effectively saving the band. Even the depiction of the escape from the tunnels was well filmed and kind of eerie.

Lastly, what this movie showed you was the danger faced by these entertainers. That at any given moment, they could face a barrage of mortar fire and bullets flying.

In the end, you could say this was reminiscent of “Saving Private Ryan”. Why? Because Soon-yi in effect saved her husband in the end. And how you say? You’ll have to watch the movie.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Sunny (2008) Vietnam Experience”

  1. Oooooh, I’ll have to check this movie out! You know how I love historicals, especially when my extended family have lived through it in part.
    Thanks for another great review, Bel!

  2. Another great review and recommendation in one, thank you!
    I was surprised that I enjoyed this movie as much as I did, because I’m not really into wartime movies, but this one was different.
    I also really liked how they showed that going to the war zone isn’t an easy task and it’s far from being safe.
    I think Soon Yi wanted to change her life as she reached the point of no return – she couldn’t come back home nor could she live with her mother-in-law without her husband. I think it’s easy to predict that they’d meet, but the whole journey was depicted in a truly interesting way.

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