Movie Monday: She’s on Duty (2005)

Starring: Kim Sun Ah, Gong Yoo, Nam Sang Mi

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For this week’s selection, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and recommend She’s on Duty, a film featuring Kim Sun Ah and Gong Yoo. She filmed this before she starred in what has now become her defining role in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (with Hyun Bin back in 2005).

There is a bit of action and violence, and the English subtitles are a bit more crassly translated than the actual Korean, but overall, this is generally considered a light romance as well. I laughed uproariously, sat huddled in my couch tense and anxious, then laughed again. The burgeoning relationship between Kim’s character and Gong’s character is sweet yet hilarious. Just the scene  alone in which Kim Sun Ah’s character dreams about Gong Yoo’s character will have many viewers laughing on the floor: the female lead thinks she’s falling in love with a high school boy when he’s really an adult undercover. LOL In essence, the comedic timing and flair we’ve come to appreciate and associate with Kim Sun Ah is in full force in this movie.

So if you’re looking to forget the stresses of a horrible work or school day and want to spend two hours with an adorably tomboyish woman and an equally adorable and cool man, check it out! I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased even though this movie is considered an oldie. But then again, you know what they say about good movies–they only get better with time. 🙂

Below are a few pictures from the movie for your viewing pleasure:






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8 thoughts on “Movie Monday: She’s on Duty (2005)”

  1. Two on my favorite list! Added! I’ll comment whether I liked it. Another decent one, which featured So Ji Sub but he was not the main character was Sophie’s Revenge. Watched that Sunday!

    1. I’ll have to check it out, but is it a scary movie? I don’t handle scary or suspenseful movies very well. 🙁

      1. No, its a comedy! Scary? I cannot even handle Tale of Two Sisters! I’ve had that in my YouTube playlist for months and I am too scared to watch it 😀

  2. One of my all time favorites! Gong Yoo is adorable and Kim Sun Ah is awesome. I love Monday movie segment. I watched Hello Ghost after reading it about here and immediately fell in love with it. It started off a little bit slow but in the end made me cry and laugh.

    1. I’m so glad you like the new corner. 🙂 I’m already looking forward to posting next week’s movie suggestion. LOL

  3. I love me some Gong Yoo oh smexy Oppa and Kim Sun Ah gosh she is sooo kick a**.

    Thank you once again for being totally awesome and having this segment!!!

    Twinkie Is Amazing!!!

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