Movie Monday: Runway Cop (2012)

Starring: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri, Kim Young Kwang, etc.

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 110 minutes


Synopsis: A detective (Kang Ji Hwan) goes undercover in his old classmate’s debut fashion show in order to uncover a drug ring that’s been using fashion shows as a venue for their drug exchange. The problem…besides the whole drug ring thing? He’s overweight and needs to lose 22 lbs. (10 kgs.) if he wants to work undercover!  

Musings: Let me first start by saying that this movie doesn’t really offer anything new in the way of the romantic comedy. But what it does do is provide viewers with amply visual and slapstick comedy. I cannot begin to count the number of times I laughed out loud while I saw this movie. Thank goodness Bentley was the only one in the house at the time, or my family would have probably thought I was losing it…although I’m sure there were times when Bentley (my canine companion) gave me a few odd looks throughout the movie. 

Kang Ji Hwan is at his comedic best portraying this overweight and unkempt detective. I debated whether to rate this a 3 or a 3.5 twinkies because of the generic story, but the comedy compelled me to give it a 4. Um yeah, I would totally see it again, if for no other reason than to see Kang Ji Hwan bring on the funny. And as I watched the first half of the movie, one thought kept running through my mind: Thank goodness Kang Ji Hwan does not usually look like this!

Seriously, who knew what a difference a few pounds could make?! For that matter, who knew what a difference a person’s style could make?! *Sad sigh* This only goes to show how susceptible we are to outer appearances in how we view people.

And since this movie deals with the modeling world, there is no shortage of beautiful people. One particular person to watch out for is Kim Young Kwang (pictured above with Kang Ji Hwan). Wow~is all I can say. I always thought Kang Ji Hwan was handsome, but this man  leaves Kang in the pale. Anyone else agree? LOL

In any case, below is the trailer for you to check out. I would link the movie for you, but my source no longer has it online. 🙁 If anyone else know where to find the movie, please comment below. Thanks! Have a great week!


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5 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Runway Cop (2012)”

  1. Thanks Twinkie

    I will definitely watch this, esp since I loved My Girlfiend is a Secret Agent so much, KJH is so good at doing comedy so I can just anticipate what will be coming out from him.

    Will be looking to find out where I can download the movie, if I find it will let you all know.

    1. Fair enough…although…Kang…Ji…Hwan…
      Can’t we just create doubles of them and keep a set each? It’s kdrama, right? Anything can happen, right?
      Oh wait, the actors are in real life. Drats!

      1. Hee. I should’ve known you wouldn’t give up KJH so easily. Okay, how’s this: you can take the actor and I’ll take… hm, can I have an amalgam of characters? Like… Wan’s personality (Capital Scandal) in Ki-joon’s body (Lie to Me)? *blinks prettily*

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