Movie Monday: Runway Cop (2012) – NewKDramaAddict’s Review

Starring: Kang Ji Hwan as Cha Chul-Soo, Sung Yu-Ri as Ko Young-Jae, Lee Soo-Hyuk as Kim Sun-Ho, Kim Young-Kwang as Han Seung-Woo and Shin Jung-Keun as Detective Yoo

Rating: PG-13 humor and some violence

Running Time: 110 min

Twinkies: 4

Synopsis: Detective Cha Cheul-Soo smells bad and is overweight. Nevertheless, he is a devoted cop who always tries his best to catch the bad guys. A new case then arises. Illegal narcotics are infiltrating into the fashion industry and a detective is needed to work undercover as a model. There are only 2 detectives taller than 180 centimeters required to work as a fashion model. One of them is Detective Cha and the other detective walks strangely due to to a recent operation. Detective Cha is selected to go undercover as a male model in designer Ko Young-Jae’s next fashion show. Young-Jae happens to be childhood school friend of Cha. Ko Young-Jae tells Detective Cha that he has to lose 20 kilograms in 2 weeks so that he can work as a model in her upcoming show. Detective Cha then goes on a strenuous regiment to lose the weight. And the rest is funny, funny, funny!!

Musings: I’ll tell you what, Kang Ji Hwan is a comedy genius!! Who knew?!! I never realize how funny he was. Most of his movies I’d seen were more on the serious side but I must say, watching the first 10 minutes of this movie, I was literally crying from laughter! When they were on the stake-out and the Head Detective Yoo was passing out clothing to dress like bums, the others on the team were like, “Why do they smell so bad?” In comes Cha from the rear of the car, asking why does everyone have my clothes?!!

As the team gets involved with another case at a Fashion Show, we meet the other characters, especially Ko Young-Jae. Together with Kang Ji Hwan, their scenes were pretty hilarious! Especially during Cha’s crash diet to lose weight so that he could go undercover. How about these results?

I could talk on and on about this movie. It was great and a very enjoyable 110 minutes. But if nothing else can persuade you to watch, how about this:

and if that didn’t to it, there is nothing like a Greek God coming to life that is Kang Ji Hwan:

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  1. Hahaha! This sounds fun! And, I recently downloaded this, so it’s ready and waiting for me! How cool is that?! Thanks for the review, NewKDramaAddict, I’m looking forward to watching this! ^^

  2. I will have to watch this, sounds fun. Also NKA is a hell of a good food picker outer rofl! Still talking about Friday’s dinner. You should do a food review 🙂 Kam-sa-ham-ni-da

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