Movie Monday: Romantic Island (2008)

Starring: Lee Sun-Kyun as Kang Jae-Hyeuk (Joseph), Lee Soo-Kyung as Choi Soo-Jin (Alice), Lee Min-Ki as Jung-Hwan, Eugene as Yu Ga-Young, Lee Moon-Sik as Joong-Sik and Lee Il-Hwa as Yoon-Suk

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 100 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2

Meet the couples:

Ga-Young and Jung-Hwan
Soo-Jin and Jae-Hyeuk
Joong-Sik and Yoon-Suk

Synopsis: Filmed on location in Manila, Philippines and Boracay Island, a visual treat of the tropics for those of us who live no where near the tropics. We have three couples who are visiting the Philippines and Boracay for various reasons:

The first couple are a middle-aged husband and wife, Joong-Sik and Yoon-Suk, who are taking their first trip ever overseas to the Philippines. Strangely, the reason for the trip is that the husband is ill with a brain tumor unbeknownst to his wife. Not only is this a first vacation, but his plans are to end his life for the insurance money.

Our second couple consists of Jung-Hwan and Ga-Young. Jung-Hwan was offered a free airline ticket to the Philippines by a friend. Broke, Jung-hwan is more than willing to go after being dumped by his girlfriend because of his lack of job prospects. At the Manila airport, Jung-Hwan encounters famous KPop singer Ga-Young. This is a last minute trip to the Philippines for Ga-Young to escape the pressures of making her next album.

Our last couple is made up of Soo-Jin (Alice) and Jae-Hyeuk (Joseph). Soo-Jin has used her entire savings to come to the Philippines to run away from her home life and family. At her Manila hotel, she runs into fellow Korean named Jae-Hyeuk. Jae-Hyeuk is a successful businessman who came to the Philippines for family matters. His long estranged father, who re-married in Manila, has passed away.


Just check out that scenery; that sunset!

Okay, enough with the visuals. Favorite couple? I liked them all. Each had a separate story to tell.

The older, married couple, so sad! Sad that Joong-Sik thought his only way out was to kill himself. But what it taught us is to recognize the love and worthiness of yourself as an individual.

Jung-Hwan was so dorky and lovable, you kind of wondered what Ga-Young saw in him. But what she did see was someone as a companion and a shoulder to cry on and with the ability to relieve her stress as a celebrity without any demands.

Finally, we have the adorably cute Soo-Jin who, in spite of her own problems, recognized the problems that Jae-Hyeuk had. She also realized that money alone did not make you happy, and she went head-on into solving his problems.

Overall, I really did like the movie. I liked the flow, and it basically was three separate stories. Of course, I am not going to tell you everything that happens. That would spoil the surprise! But there is one thing to remember: if you ever travel to the island of Boracay and ask the driver to take you to a Big Hotel, don’t be surprised what happens!

Trailer is available here. The movie is available on several sites. Ask me if your interested. Also available on Netflix if you are a subscriber.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Romantic Island (2008)”

  1. I really liked this movie, it was so cute!!!

    Lee Min Ki( he just does it for me, everytime) and The Voice( I mean it’s the Voice, I brought Coffee Prince OST because of you, ok the other songs were awesome too) is what got my attention but when I heard that Eugene( since I’ve never seen her in anything and she is suppose to be like super pretty and talented) AND Lee Soo Kyung( You had me at Soulmates & Secret Agent Oh) were in it too, I knew it would be a real treat. It didn’t disappoint. 🙂

    Loved the storyline and the superb acting from everyone and one of my favorite adjussies was in it as a bonus (he always makes me happy when he pops up in a Kdrama or movie).

    Another great selection!!!


  2. Hey there,
    I just finished the movie and it was really good. Home sick still chemistrylol but it sure brighten my day. The couples had good chemistry. At first the singer story I thought was going to be wellll. But see that she found a real down to earth person that took her for her the lady not a star. But the one that got the tissues out was the older couple, when she set the wedding up the tears came down lol.The happy go lucky lady and the straight faced guy was nice also and you where rooting for them also. But OMG when the kid pull the weapon out and then the bang I went OH crap, that was a good touch. Glad you are back missed your insites. 🙂

  3. Cute movie. Simple rom-com, but fun and very much a feel-good film. A lot better than I expected and they didn’t overdo the melo parts. It’s nice to see consistency in tone. Some Korean movies tend to make the gap between their comedic and dark moments too big.

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