Movie Monday: Rebellious (2013)

Starring: Yang Jin Woo as Joon-Woo, Kang Ha Neul as Joon-Kyeong, and Son Byung Ho as Yoo Gwang-heon

Rating: PG, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 65 min

Twinkies: 4 stars
rebel5 Synopsis: A drama special about how men suffered the unjust treatment because of the caste system and corrupt government. Joon-Kyeong ( Kang Ha Neul) was such a young man as he struggles against the constraints of his social status as he plots to overthrow the country.
rebel2 Musings: It is amazing when watching one of these drama specials how complete and concise the story can be. From the first minute until the last, I was riveted! The synopsis doesn’t really do the drama justice as it not only explores the caste and social system of children born out of wedlock but it also focuses on the privilege that the rich have when it comes to justice.
rebel4 The dark side of this movie is the rape and murder of a young girl (not seen but referred to off screen). I mention the privilege of the rich because of the willingness of the poor to feed their families by any means necessary; even taking the blame for a murder they didn’t commit.

rebel3 In addition is the gullibility of an individual to be drawn in, unknowingly, to a conspiracy to overthrow the King. I know, it is pretty amazing that all three of these story lines were effectively covered in a short, 65 minutes. This is something that longer movies are known to fail miserably with. And the acting? Must give big props to Kang Han Neul. I admit that this was only my second experience with him and this was pretty satisfying. I hope to see him again in something that interests me.

rebel6 Trailer is available on on Hancinema Website only. The movie is available on several sites. Ask me if your interested. Also available on Hulu if you are a subscriber.

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