Movie Monday – Pirates (2014)

Starring: Kim Nam Gil as Jang Sa Jung, Son Ye Jin as Yeo Wol, Jo Dal Hwan as San Man, Sulli as Heuk Myo, Lee Kyeong Yeong as So Ma, Park Chul Min as Monk, and Kim Tae Woo as Mo Hong Gab

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 130 min

Twinkies: 3 teetering stars

Synopsis: On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, a whale swallows the Emperor’s Seal of State being brought to Joseon by envoys from China. With a big reward on whoever brings back the royal seal, mountain bandits led by Jang Sa Jung go out to sea to hunt down the whale. But he soon clashes with Yeo Wol, a female captain of pirates, and unexpected adventure unfolds.

Musings: Okay, I’m going to preface this with the fact that I had to watch this movie not once, not twice but THREE times before I could finish it! Either I fell asleep on it, got bored or was totally disinterested. So, this means I will be the anti-liking “Pirates” movie viewer. I’m just going to put that out there. Every time someone would mention “Did you watch Pirates?” “I really liked Pirates”, I mercifully remained silent. Why? Because the first thing out of my mouth would have been the criticisms. So what did I like about this movie?

First off, nothing is a total waste of time when I can see my Kim Nam Gil in a period piece! Never a waste! If anyone has seen Queen Seon Duk, the best thing about that drama WAS him! Period! I liked seeing him in action. It was a little getting used to see him in a semi-comedy. Okay, this is assuming this was somewhat a comedy/historical/drama movie. I will assume that. His character was definitely one that had to grow on me. Maybe it was the 3rd time is the charm that did it for me….maybe.

Strong female presence in the guise of Yeol Wol played by Son Ye Jin. I really liked her character! She was tough and willing to handle any man on her ship as well as characters that she met throughout the movie. It was a refreshing break from the usual damsel in distress. I like it! Son Ye Jin did a great job!

Sulli as Heuk Myo was a big surprise for me. I had no expectations for her acting whatsoever but she did a bang up job (that’s a good thing) in her role. The stunts they featured for her character were fun to watch and were some of the most riveting moments for me.

The rest of the cast ranged from interesting to downright boring. I think the major problem is after you see such movies like “The Admiral”, “Kundo” and Chinese movies like “Saving General Yang”, “Brotherhood of Blades” and many, many more movies of this same genre (my favorite might I add), you become really picky when it comes to the story line, acting, scenery, whatever.

So final verdict? A lot of people will like this a whole lot more than me! As I’ve been a fan of this genre since cave man days (kidding), I’m really nit-picky when it comes to my enjoyment. The movie is clean (for the most part), fun and if nothing else, watching Kim Nam Gil with long, luxurious locks is definitely worth the price of admission…why else would I attempt to watch this three times!! Come back to drama world, KNG! I’m a’waiting!!

Trailer is available on Youtube Website here. The movie is available on Netflix if you are a subscriber as well as many other streaming websites.

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  1. Thank you for the review!
    I’ve to agree with you to a certain degree, it wasn’t a bad movie, but neither was it a masterpiece nor a riveting one. I enjoyed the acting, but the writing left a lot to be desired. The action scenes and the cinematography weren’t bad either.

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