Movie Monday: My Tutor Friend (2003)

Starring: Kwon Sang Woo (Dae Mul, Cinderella Man, etc.), Kim Ha Neul (You Are My Pet, Blind, etc.), Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, etc.),  Kim Ji Woo (1% of Something, etc.)

Rating: PG-13

Twinkies: 5 out of 5 (Yes, it’s that good!)

Movie Link (part 1…the other 7 parts can be easily accessed from the site)

Synopsis: Kim Ji Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) and Choi Su Wan (Kim Ha Neul) are two 21-year-olds, who are forced into a tutorial situation by their respective parents, Ji Hoon as the failing high school senior and Su Wan as the college student hired to tutor Ji Hoon.

In typical I-hate-school-you-can’t-make-me-study fashion, Ji Hoon does anything and everything to avoid his lessons…until he is duly motivated to his “gangster” father to get educated. Slowly, Ji Hoon starts to see the benefits of his hard work, especially as he becomes unexpectedly interested in his tutor.

From one hilarious moment to the next, the unlikely pair forge a lasting bond that is both sweet and comedic, and the conclusion itself is priceless!  Su Wan’s transformation from timid tutor to a martinet is a worthy change to behold.

Musings: This one was of my first Korean movies, and I loved it. I found the chemistry between these two unforgettable, and although the two actors later reprised their collaboration in another movie years later (Almost Love), this original pairing of Hallu-stars Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul remains one of my all-time favorites.

There are some classic scenes that are pretty difficult to forget (random objects thrown by mom, Su Won’s fantasies, Su Won’s college festival dance scene, Su Won kicking a gangster to save Ji Hoon, etc.), but what I most appreciated was the sweet development of these two characters as maturing young adults and as a couple.

And yes, I admit that Su Won’s job as a private tutor resonated with me. LOL. I would highly–highly–recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it. The picture above with the pun, “If you don’t know, try biting” for “If you don’t know, try asking,” is a clear indication of the cheeky comedy that’s in store for any viewer.

In short, I LOVED it and regret the fact that in a weak moment, I lent my only copy of the DVD to a student and never got it back. 🙁

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13 thoughts on “Movie Monday: My Tutor Friend (2003)”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve added it to my You Tube watch list. As I watch mostly on my google TV (best investment ever), I cannot watch from sites like viki, mysoju as the players always freezes after a couple of minutes. I do want to recommend to some the movie Always. Such a beautiful story with a beautiful ending! So Ji-Sub never disappoints! Han Hyo-Joo, I loved in Shining Inheritance. This is well worth the watch!! However, I would probably rate it as R because of the violence. Its not for the squeamish as there is violence as it depicts underground fighting. But as a fan of So Ji-Sub, could not pass this up! As always, I love this site as it gives me things to watch on my no-drama weekends (watching mostly weekly dramas now).

  2. the best korean movie!!! ppl who never watched it needs to see it!!!

    this got me into korean movies. too cute and too funny!

    😀 😀 😀

  3. YAY yet another great recommendation, hear about it but wasn’t sure if I would like.
    But it was gotten the Twinkie stamp of approval so I will definitely watch it now plus Gong Yoo ( what a hottie awww, come over to my casa Oppa 🙂

    So I just finished watching White Christmas and omg best Kdrama thriller since the creation of thrillers .
    Everyone needs to watch this short Kdrama ( only 8 episodes, all on YouTube) especially if you watch Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, What’s Up or Call of the Country ( you will see some character favorites).
    Seriously this show was amazing from the storyline, scenery, acting, plot twists tho the editing could’ve been a little bit better but I think that it maybe the uploader’s fault but I digress it’s fan freaking tastic and I would not be Daebak if I didn’t let my follow Twinklings know about this great find.

    K, I’m done with that long rant.

    Can’t wait to watch MTF.
    MovieMonday Ajaja!!!

    1. After your nice comment, I really hope you like it now. 🙂
      White Christmas, huh? OK! I will give it a try during my Spring Break (April) when I can watch with a bit more freedom. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. I’m interested in reading this post because I saw sang woo’ s picture! This movie is pretty old already, considering it came out around 2003(when I’m around 9 years old). Probably at that time, I don’t know what a good movie is, but after 10 years(now) I would say old movies are precious. I know sang woo because of stairway to heaven(yea, it’s a hit drama back then. I just cried so much watching it. It’s heart wrenching. ) I have this tissue game with my mother(where we passed the tissue box to each other). Sang woo is a great actor. I will definitely put this movie on my playlist, will watch it when I have time. I can see you like this movie so much because you said highly, highly recommend this movie. You said ‘ highly’ twice, that means it worth watching this movie. Thanks ya, twinkies. Can’t wait for next movie Monday!

  5. Ahh, I just finish watching it yesterday and yes, I loved the scenes of the mum in the takeaway…lopping heads of clueless chickens…hurling various objects at Su Won with the precision of an expert LOL. I loved the friendship that builds up between the two leads to the point that Ji Hoon suddenly finds himself on unfamiliar territory – liking a “country chick” who is in love with another man (who incidentally is going to be a “father”) hahaha! Ji Hoon’s protective instincts kick in and he starts to do what he can to protect Su Wan. I love the hilariousness that ensues. Great film, all in all….I’m a happy twinkle 😀

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