Movie Monday: My Sassy Girl (2001)

Starring: Cha Tae Hyun, Jeon Ji Hyun (Jun Gianna)

Rating: PG-13/R

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Musings: I know that this movie is waaaaay back from the year 2001, although for me, it doesn’t feel that long ago….

However, I thought that since there are some of you who just started to watch Korean dramas and movies, this movie might be worth introducing sooner rather than later. After all, I would love to be the person who introduced you to this Korean movie classic that catapulted Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun into superstardom and helped create a Korean romantic comedy classic that now has a cult following. 🙂

The movie does a nice job of blending the comedic with the melodramatic, and the superb acting by these two actors had me laughing out loud as well as tearing up towards the end.  Scenes to note? So many to choose from, but a few just off the top of my head…1) the subway vomit scene made me want to throw up right along with the female character…the toupee part is particularly hilarious! 2) the school uniform dance night as the two characters revisit their school days 3) the famous mountain “yelling” goodbye scene and 4) the superimposed blind date scene in which the female character discovers that the male character knows so much about her and cares so deeply for her.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I wish you an intensely enjoyable 2 hours, and for those of you who have already seen it, I hope this review made you recall some good memories. Personally for me, My Sassy Girl is a Korean drama movie that helped me weather the difficult times I was experiencing while in medical school in the middle of Ohio, a time of “wilderness” for me before I headed into my beloved field of literature and teaching.

Single or in a relationship, I wish you much love and hope this week as we greet Valentine’s Day!

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7 thoughts on “Movie Monday: My Sassy Girl (2001)”

  1. When I told my Korean buddy of 15 years that I have worked with that I was full into Korean Dramas, he had recommended this. It was good movie!! Since I started watching dramas, I still can’t figure out how he has escaped marriage!! He claims its because no women want him! He is a character!! But then it might be because on one of the online dating sites instead of a picture, he put a picture of an orangutan! That’s my buddy, KY!!

    1. Definitely a great movie to watch with hubby…you may want to limit viewing by little eyes, though. There’s a “questionable” scene involving skin. LOL

    1. Oh dear…it was so long ago that I saw it that I don’t remember. 🙁 Perhaps one of the twinkles knows…anyone?

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