Movie Monday: My Pavarotti (2013)

Starring: Han Seok Kyu as Sang Jin, Lee Je Hoon as Jang Ho, Oh Dal Su as Deok Saeng, and Kang So Ra as Sook Hee

Rating: PG-13, some violence

Running Time: 127 min

Twinkies: 4 stars

Synopsis: Sang-Jin played by Han Seok-Kyu is a music teacher at an Arts High School in the small city of Gimcheon. Once a promising opera singer in Italy, a tumor in his throat ended his singing career.

One weekend, Sang-Jin pulls into the parking lot of a highway rest stop area. While parking his car, he scratches a black car parked next to him. Three men get out of the parked black car and threaten Sang-Jin. A young teen named Jang-Ho (Lee Je-Hoon) slowly steps out of the car but the young teen Jang-Ho ignores him and walks straight to his old beat up car and begins listening to the opera music playing out of the teacher’s car stereo.

Sang-Jin learns about a new transfer student’s transcripts with numerous high school transfers so Sang-Jin is leery. But Principle Deok-Saeng played by Oh Dal Su, assures Sang-Jin that the new transfer student is talented and he could help the school win at an upcoming music competition.

And who is the new transfer student, none other than the teen he met at the rest stop. Jang-Ho is an enforcer for a powerful mafia group in Daegu City, but all he really wants to do is sing.

Based on the true story of Kim Ho-Joong, who first appeared on Korean TV show STAR KING on July 18, 2009. During the program, Kim Ho-Joong surprised people with his vocal abilities and also made people cry because of his background story. He grew up as a troubled kid who joined gangs, but because of his grandmother he began to sing in earnest.

Musings: Any movie based on real life character that turns their life around is always a good movie. But it also helps to have exceptional acting.

Thank goodness, the bad taste of Fashion King is now removed from my psyche for Lee Je Hoon (Jang Ho). I look forward to his return from Military Service .

Han Seok Kyu, I have seen many times and as always he excels!. As the teacher, Sang-Jin, he was always critical of poor Jang Ho but he encouraged him all of the way despite their beginnings.

Kang Sora was definitely the comic relief as the the girl who is totally infatuated with Jang Ho. Between her and her friends, each definitely had their funny moments. Overall, it was a decent movie that I would watch again for the great acting and wonderful music. No, Lee Je Hoon is definitely not singing all the time but the voice is so wonderful, I don’t think you’ll care.

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7 thoughts on “Movie Monday: My Pavarotti (2013)”

  1. Great review! Would you believe that I saw three Korean movies on my flight to and from Korea? LOL
    I look forward to your reviews of them in the near future: Boomerang Family, Berlin File, and Fists of Legend. 😉

      1. Guess what’s on the horizon for our site?! Friends 2! Going to post a blog about it this Friday…Giveaway time! LOL. Have I mentioned that I love CJEnt recently? 😉

  2. Thank you for another great review and at the same time a recommendation for me what to watch next n.n
    It was an enjoyable movie for me and I liked the underdog story and the way it was written seemed believable in my eyes. I loved the OST but that’s pretty much a given in a movie about good, classical music.
    The acting was marvelous from everyone, I can’t complain about anyone here, even those who appeared for less than a minute during the entire movie 😉
    Awaiting impatiently next week’s review!

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