Movie Monday: My Little Bride (2004)

Starring: Kim Rae Won (Attic Cat, Love Story in Harvard, Which Star Are You From, …ing, etc.), Moon Geun Young (Innocent Steps, The Painter of the Wind, Mary Stayed out All Night, etc.)

Rating: PG

Running Time: 115 minutes

Twinkies: 4

Synopsis: I’ll keep the synopsis short since I know some of you don’t like spoilers…of any kind. 😉 

This movie centers on a high school girl and her long-time neighborhood older brother who are both forced into marriage by a meddling grandfather. As the two family friends now learn to adjust to life as a “couple” without actually being a couple, Bo Eun (Moon Geun Young) learns just how much her husband (Kim Rae Won) truly cares for her.

Musings: Heh…I hope that synopsis was short enough for those of you who despise spoilers of any kind yet informative to help you decide if you want to watch it. 😉

I personally saw this soon after watching Innocent Steps and absolutely found it charming and amusing. There’s a number of great scenes that are both hilarious and adorably endearing, and although I know that the premise of a high school student marrying a recent college graduate can be a bit disturbing, the movie deals with the age difference with a gentle touch/care so that viewers find the relationship a testament of the two characters’ affection for each other rather than an offensive or repulsive violation of social norms. If anything, you will probably find yourself rooting for the husband, especially when you realize the things he does so that his “wife” can have her high school years free from any marital obligations or social censure. 

This is a definite feel-good movie that’s guaranteed to bring smiles and several bouts of laughter to you on this Monday. I hope that those of you who decide to watch it enjoy it as much as I did. The karaoke scene alone was worth the viewing. And for those of you looking for links to the movie, you should be able to find them on youtube. Happy viewing and happy Monday!

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9 thoughts on “Movie Monday: My Little Bride (2004)”

  1. Currently watching Mary Stayed Out All Night, loved her in Innocent Steps, so I think I’ll try this movie too, the girl never disappoints me! I havent seen Kim Rae Won acting, so this will be a first for me ^^ Here’s to a good Monday!

  2. Just watched this on YouTube! You’re right, i was rooting for the husband most of the way; he clearly tried to take responsibility for her and protect her despite their newly awkward relationship. She just needs time to grow up; she’s only 15 gfter all

  3. Hi ST
    Thank you for recommending this to us. At a first glance i thought thats one of the drama that i had watch, you know the one with a young bride.. but then i realized that the lead was KRW and this was a movie. LOL. Yes, it was very entertaining. I immediately watched the movie and caused me to sleep at 2am, to my husband black look. Kekekek. He and MGY must be very young when they acted in this movie. I am not much into MGY but KRW can also act cute. LOL

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