Movie Monday – Man on the Edge (2013)

Starring: Park Shin Yang as Gwang-ho, Jung Hye Young as Mi-sook, Kim Jeong Tae as Tae-joo, Yoon Song Yi as Han Soo-Min, and Uhm Ji Won as Myung Bo-sal

Rating: PG-13, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 127 min

Twinkies: 3 stars

Synopsis: Also known as The Gangster Shaman, strange things begin to happen to Kwang-ho, a famous mob in town, after he is stabbed in the hand during a fight. He concludes that the path of a shaman is the only solution to his problems, and juggles his vocation as a mob by night and his new role as a shaman by day.

He’s now known as “veiled shaman” and even ghosts visit him for help. While Kwang-ho leads a dangerous double life, he begins to sympathize with a child ghost named Su-min. When Kwang-ho is about to help Su-min, his cover is blown and is attacked by a rival gang. Will Kwang-ho be able to fulfill Su-min’s wish?

Musings: I admit I was originally going to review The Technicians today; however, I don’t think I could do it justice as I really didn’t care for it, so I think I will leave it for all the Woo Bin fans to like. As I was struggling to find something that didn’t have a lot of violence, I came across this little comedy of Park Shin Yang. I have to say, I rarely watch Korean comedies for various reason; mostly, I don’t get the humor. But this one was pretty decent. Why? Park Shin Yang as the tough gangster Gwang-ho who realizes his ability to see and talk to the dead was very funny especially as his alter-ego, the veiled shaman. His interactions with the little girl, Soo Min were cute as she tried desperately to communicate to her mother, Mi-Sook through Gwang-ho. Bo-sal, the shaman trainer and Gwang-ho archenemy, Tae-joo, definitely added more humor to this movie. Overall, a decent movie to watch with not too much violence but definitely a lot of laughs.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Man on the Edge (2013)”

  1. Will check this movie out for the love of Park Shin Yang. My first ever korean drama was Lovers In Paris and fell instantlyinlove with him! 🙂 Watched his movie Mr Daddy and a really old one, White Valentine. He is indeed a versatile actor. He was good in War of Money, too but I could not watch Painter of the Wind & Sign.

    1. Ellen! Good to hear from you! 🙂 I hope you enjoy PSY in this movie. He’s absolutely wonderful in Hi! Dharma!, too!

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