Movie Monday: Lump of Sugar (2006)

Starring: Lim Su Jeong (Sorry I Love You, Come Rain, Come Shine) as Shi Eun, Park Eun-Soo (Snow Flakes, A Jewel in the Palace) as Ik-Du (Si-Eun’s dad), Yu Oh-Seong (Faith, Swallow the Sun) as Yun Jo

Rating: PG-13/R (R for the graphic depiction of animal abuse and injuries)

Running Time: 123 minutes

Twinkies: 3 1/2 

Synopsis: Shi Eun was born and raised at a horse ranch on Jejudo by her father. As a child, she is tremendously fond of horses. The bond is especially strong between her and a horse she names, Thunder, who lost its mother as a young foal. Her life is devastated when Thunder is sold to another owner by her father. Spurned by this lost and her dream to one day be a jockey, she leaves home to pursue that dream.

Two years later, by chance, Shi Eun reunites and rescues Thunder, a street horse pulling a wagon to advertise a karaoke bar. Together, they have a chance to create a miracle by teaming up together in one of the most prestigious horse races in Korea.

Musings: When I first saw this movie once it become available on Hulu, I assumed it was a feel-good family movie. Little did I expect to see the bad side of racing! The story of Thunder and Shi Eun, their relationship growing up together on the horse ranch and later as jockey/horse was the feel-good part; however, I must warn any animal lovers out there that the depiction of abuse both of animals and people is a pretty stark reminder of the evil within people. I just loved Yu Oh-Seong as Yun Jo, the trainer. His willingness to work with Shi Eun when other trainers would not because she was a female was heartwarming.

Don’t be fooled by the movie poster. This is far from a family fare. Children should definitely NOT watch this because the abuse is so real and so brutal! However, because this truly is a reflection of real life for jockeys and the horses they ride, it is definitely worth the watch for those that can handle the above.

Trailer is available here. This movie is available on Hulu.

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  1. Nice review!

    Thanks for the warning on the abuse etc.. The poster doesn’t suggest anything to that effect, so it must’ve been a rude shock to many >.< I can't stand watching any kind of animal abuse, so I'm probably going to give this a pass 😛

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