Movie Monday: Innocent Steps (2005)

Starring: Moon Geun Young (Autumn’s Tale, The Painter of the Wind, Love Me Not, Cinderella’s Sister, Mary Stayed Out All Night, etc.), Park Gun Hyung (When Spring Comes, Miss Kim Makes 1 Million, The Kingdom of the Winds, Syndrome, etc.)

Rating: PG/PG-13

Running Time: 110 minutes

Twinkies: 4

Synopsis: Young Sae (Park Gun Hyung) was once an acclaimed and promising dancer with a bright future ahead of him. Tragically, however, he loses his dancing partner/girlfriend and from then onward struggles to merely survive. 

In a bid to start afresh, he invites an award-winning dancer from China, Chae Min, to become his new dance partner but receives a rude surprise when her sister, Chae Ryn (Moon Geun Young) arrives…and she has never danced before! Furious at the deception, Young Sae threatens to send her back but reluctantly decides to train her as his new dancing partner.

What ensues is a sweet love story of two lonely souls finding each other and learning that their love of dance and for each other is something infinitely more precious than any success the world may offer.

Musings: Some people may not particularly care for this movie, but I loved it and thought it might be ideal for those of you looking to wind down on Monday evening after a long day at work.

Why did I love it so much?

1. I saw this in the theaters…in KOREA!…while vacationing with my younger sister, so I have some great memories attached to this movie. Neither one of us had been to Korea since we were kids, and that trip was a wonderful way to reconnect with our heritage and motherland/ethnic culture. For lack of anything particular to do one day, we decided to catch the afternoon showing of this movie, which was showing in the theaters at the time; it was our way of being “native Koreans” and taking in a movie. LOL. Although the movie doesn’t offer anything “new” to the genre of ballroom-dancing-romance, I found this story sweet and the acting nicely executed the story. In fact, this “mundane” movie lingered in my memory well after I returned to the States, so much so that my younger cousin purchased the DVD for me when she went to Korea a year later! For some odd reason, the gentle story of Chae Ryn and Young Sae just stuck with me at the time. 🙂

2. I LOVE ballroom dancing. I’ve seen Shall We Dance (both the Japanese and American versions) as well as Strictly Ballroom…I won’t mention just how many times I saw that movie since the time I first saw it in college. Let’s just say that for a certain period of time, I was quite enamored with Paul Mercurio and the soundtrack to that movie. I absolutely loved listening to Doris Day’s rendition of “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” I must have had that song on repeat for weeks until my college roommate threatened to kick me out of the room. LOL

3. Moon Geun Young and Park Gun Hyung…so adorable! OK, I’ll admit…more than Moon Geun Young, I was smitten with Park Gun Hyung at the time. LOL. Some of you may find yourself equally smitten…something about a man who can dance well. Yes, I spent my youth watching old movies of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, and a slew of other MGM/RKO stars in musicals. 🙂

Anyhow, this is my “Movie Monday” selection for this week. Let me know if you get a chance to watch it. I’d love to know what you think of it.

On that note, I wish you a wonderful start to this week!

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13 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Innocent Steps (2005)”

  1. Twinkie, this was my first Korean Movie DVD that I bought and I loved this movie esp having watche When Spring Comes already when I started.

    I’m not so fond of Korean Movies as much as I’m crazy abouth their dramas, mostly due to their endings, can’t understand those where they are left hanging which is so frustrating.

    1. You liked, too? Such a sweet movie. I didn’t watch When Spring Comes…Is that a good drama series? The beginning looked too frustrating for me. LOL

      1. When Spring Comes, I watched when I was newbie to KDramas, it was okay, not that memorable as other KDramas that I have come to love, will not do a repeat for this one:)

  2. I saw this on Netflix. As as a fangirl in the worse way for Moon Geum Young, she was the draw. I too love dance movies. I was pleasantly surprised to see MGY dance so well. I had never heard of Park Gun Hyung. This is still the only thing I’ve ever seen with him. It was a well put together movie and very, very enjoyable!

  3. YAY!!! Thank you Twinkie, now I’m off to borrow someone’s Netflicks account to view this movie.
    And I just love Moon Geum Young, I’m a fangirl. She’s awesome!!

    Thanks again, Twinkie.

  4. Twinkie – I’m loving your old-movie reviews! Great to have a lead on a gentle movie like this one. I’ve also seen Shall We Dance (Japanese + American). And Strictly Ballroom MANY times – tremendous fun and love the soundtrack. So I will hunt this one out. Thank you.

  5. Just would like to know I watched this on Netlix yesterday as soon I got home 🙂 It was very good! A very sweet story with a dash of humor ^.^ my favorite part was listening to Moon Geum Young’s accent lol

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