Movie Monday: Duelist (2005)

Starring: Ha Ji Won, Kang Dong Gun, Ahn Sung Ki, etc.

Rating: PG-13/R

Running Time: 108 minutes


Synopsis: Nam Soon (Ha Ji Won) is a young female police officer during the Joseon Dynasty who uncovers a conspiracy. As she and her fellow officers work to foil the attempt to overthrow the government, she becomes hauntingly affected by a man known only as “Sad Eyes” (Kang Dong Won). 

Musings: In honor of Kang Dong Won’s return to civilian life and the imminent airing of a story he made popular–Jeon Woo Chi–I thought it only fitting to select Duelist as this week’s “Movie Monday.” Yes, I know it’s no longer Monday. LOL

A great number of you have probably already seen this movie, but since I’ve never featured it as a “Movie Monday,” I thought it was about time…long overdue really.

The story weaves a classic tale of star-crossed lovers who are drawn to each other but whose love can never be realized. Underscoring the sweeping and poetic tone of the movie is a beautifully rendered soundtrack that adds another layer of poignancy and wistfulness to an already fragile and tragic love story. It is, indeed, a visual and auditory treat for any movie connoisseur. 

If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend a viewing. It’s definitely a “film” and not one to be enjoyed lightly as one would say My Sassy Girl.

Below is the usual trailer, and the movie can be found on YouTube. Have a fabulous week, twinkles!

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10 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Duelist (2005)”

  1. Hehehe Great minds think alike! I’m actually starting 1% of Anything gain just to see Kang Dong Wan.

    Saw the movie and I like it but did not really understand the ending.
    Maybe I should watch it again, he certainly looks better in Duelist than in the drama and the sword scenes are well shot.

    1. I liked 1% of Anything. I think because it was an older drama and the format was so different than the modern ones, I liked it and still re-watch it from time to time!

  2. Best sword dueling ever!! Like artwork and will never forget it! Was already a goner for KDW after 1% of Anything but this sealed the deal!!

    1. I didn’t cry, but then again, I rarely cry when I watch things. LOL. Yes, I think you may just cry, but it’ll be worth it. Just make sure to have a box of tissues next to you. 😉

  3. Omg, I love this movie to pieces!!!

    It was so beautiful to watch, everything about it was amazing, plus it totally made me go fangirl crazy over Kang Dong Won( love his name ) so y’all already know that I had to go watch like everything he has ever been in.

    Ha Ji Won: you are my Ultimate in life, you can do no wrong.

    Loved the OST especially the song that Kang Dong Won and Ha Ji Won did together; it was so beautiful and sad at the same time!

    So excited that Kang Dong Won will be released from prison err I ment the military soon, now just waiting on Binnie and Rain Oppa.

    Another Great Movie Monday choice Twinkie!!!

  4. Due to time consuming I try to stay away from long dramas, I always look for a good movie or film to watch. Ha Ji Won is a very attractive and talented actress.

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