Movie Monday – Drama Special: The Three Female Runaways (2014)

Starring: Seo Ye Ji as Su Ji, Jang Hee Jin as Yeo Jin, Park Hae Mi as Hyeong Ja, Choi Joon Yong as Police Chief, and Jo Young Jin as Su Ji’s father

Rating: PG-13, subject matter

Running Time: 67 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: Suji is tired of her dad’s empty promises. And today being a special day she leaves her dad and Director Hwang behind and runs away from home. Just as she’s about to get caught by Director Hwang, she escapes through Yeojin and Hyeongja’s help.

Hyeongja has actually run away from home too since her family treat her so badly and Yeojin has run away from the hostess bar she works at. Yeojin is trying to avoid her boss’s employees and Hyeongja is trying to avoid her husband. They decide to team up with Suji and become family for the day. But Yeojin gets caught by her boss and Suji calls her dad to ask for money to help her out. The large sum she asks for makes him think that she’s been kidnapped.

Musings: “I think there’s been a grave misunderstanding”. No truer words were spoken. Suji was a pitiful and sad young lady. Totally ignored by her father after her mother died. I never laughed so hard as the police took the situation way out of control! You couldn’t HELP but feel sorry for the girl as in her desperation that she gravitated to these two women that represented the most friendship and love she’d had since her mother.

Hyeongja was the mother she lost. Hyeongja’s home life wasn’t exactly rosy as she had an abusive husband and a totally uncaring son; so, mothering Suji seemed second nature.

Now, Yeojin, despite her job as a bar hostess girl, was definitely the sister relationship that Suji craved for. Being totally sheltered and with no friends, Yeojin represented the freedom Suji would never have because of her father’s wealth. Overall, it was a pretty fun movie to watch as the misunderstanding kept getting bigger and bigger until the climatic ending when Suji’s father realizes just how important his daughter really was.

No Trailer is available but the drama special is available on YouTube.

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