Movie Monday – Drama Special ~~ Pitch Black Darkness (2014)

Starring: Ahn Danny as Park Hyeon Tae, Kwak Jung Wook as Han Jeong Wook, Kang Ee-sik as Jeong Woo-min and Kim Seon-kyeong as Kwon Yoo-jeong

Rating: PG-13, subject matter

Running Time: 68 min

Twinkies: 4 stars

Synopsis: Woo-min gets hit by Hyeon Tae’s bus and dies. Hyeon Tae falls into despair after the accident and begins to look for the perpetrator. Jeong Wook didn’t even know Woo Min died but Hyeon Tae suddenly shows up saying that it’s Jeong Wook’s fault that Woo Min died.

Jeong Wook becomes worried if it’s really his fault. Yoo-jeong can’t accept her son’s death and tries to find out the truth. After Woo Min’s death, the three of them try their best to escape from the pitch-black darkness and later they find out that what they thought was true wasn’t the truth… Who is the real perpetrator and the real victim?

Musings: Warning, this movie looks at suicide and the reasons behind it. So, if you are sensitive to the subject, you might want to skip this; however, this movie also looks at bullying and the overall effects that it has on an individual, family and society in general.

This was an amazing movie that depicted the anatomy of guilt. Guilt of the person doing the bullying; guilt of the poor, unsuspecting bus driver that killed the young man who stepped in front of his bus but also guilt by the parent who did something unforgivable in the mind of a fragile person.

The drama special was also a sad commentary on what little things can cause the demise of a long friendship. The fact that Woo Min and Jeong Wook were friends for so long that even Woo Min’s mother could not believe his involvement or participation in bullying her son.

While the depiction of bullying can be dark and quite vivid, it is real life. As a parent of a child who experienced it in grade school; as a friend of friend whose daughter was once shoved into a garbage can, these things happened. And because these things happen, movies and dramas like these are ones that should be seen by both kids and parents. Why? Children should tell their parents when this happen and parents should act appropriately. If more parents and children could work on preventing as well as reporting these type of acts in school; maybe, just maybe the tide would turn and children can once more enjoy school without the fear of reprisal. Okay, I’m off my soapbox for today. Very good movie, very well acted.

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5 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Drama Special ~~ Pitch Black Darkness (2014)”

  1. Thanks, new KDA! I saw this pop up on my YouTube feed, but the synopsis puzzled me greatly 😀 you’ve helped clarify what’s going on, and with your recommendation, I’ll definitely watch this.

    Plus, I actually like the lead (Kwak Jung Wook) and I wonder why he’s not in more high profile projects. And why he’s always a student! (White Christmas, Adolescent Medley). Is he that young?

  2. July is my birthday month too! I was bullied for a long time when I was younger. At first it was bullying, then it became that I was ostracized by my classmates. It followed me for 5 years…unfortunately, because my parents were new to the country and I didn’t want to burden them I dealt with it all by myself. Thank goodness it was never physical violence but the emotional and verbal abuse leaves marks that I is very difficult to get rid off.

    1. Keya, I was bullied at school and abused at home for years also. I am an adult now and have healed from my painful past. The key to healing is to forgive the people who have hurt you. Only then can you let the pain go and learn to see those people in a new light. No one is all bad and no one is all good, everyone does or says things they regret latter. That is why we have to forgive others when they hurt us and try to find the good in people. I hope that you can heal from your painful past as well.

  3. Does anyone know what the song at the end is, it seemed like a good song and part of the story but it was not translated. I was wondering what it was and if it is translated to english any where?

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