Movie Monday- Drama Special ~~ Hurry Up And Tell Me (2010)

Starring: Bae Soo-bin as Jeong Gi-yeong, Kim Gyoo-ri as Choi Yeong-hee, Bang Joong-hyeon as Hong Goo-byeong, and Jeon Ik-ryeong as Ham Gye-sin

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 70 min

Twinkies: 3 1/2 stars

Synopsis: : Ki Young and Young Hee have been work colleagues and best friends for nine years. Now that they have reached their early 30’s, it is time to get married, and both of them try their best to find a marriage partner. Ki Young reunites with his first love Kye Shin, but as he finds more about her past, he becomes increasingly hesitant.

Goo Byung is athletic, intelligent and humorous, but bad rumours about Goo Byung as well as Young Hee spread around the office as the two get closer. Will Ki Young and Young Hee’s marriage project succeed?

Musings: From the beginning, you can see the confusion in their relationship. While they are blind dating and office dating, it is kind of cute but funny how they each approach each other’s new found relationships. When Goo Byung left a gift of food that Yeong-hee had given him at a hostess bar with other workers, Gi-yeong quizzed the young woman, he fails to tell her what she really said. The same goes with Yeong-hee, when she found out that Gi-yeong was going out with his first love, Gye-sin, there was no encouragement there either.

A funny scene when Yeong-hee starts dreaming about the rumor that Goo Byung drugs his dates. She has a very detailed and thorough imagination.

As one professes his undying love and the object of his affection walks out the restaurant door, the other has a reactions from over drinking and begins to freak out thinking that she really was drugged.

Poor Gi-yeong, he recognizes much quicker that the person that he likes and loves is actually the person that have been right next to him for 9 years; a person who he knows what they like (in movies) and is afraid of most (chickens) but Yeong-hee runs in fear.

A little love competition doesn’t help a relationship along more when a customer who has had a crush on Yeong-hee for quite awhile makes his move to the pleasure of her and the consternation of poor Gi-yeong. Even though Yeong-hee knows how Gi-yeong feels, she is still in denial at this moment or she simply is waiting for him to make his move.

The final push in the race against Gi-yeong’s love procrastination is upon hearing another co-worker saying how everyone was going to this fancy hotel for Yeong-hee’s birthday that the customer had arranged and in addition that another co-worker had seen him buying a ring. Well, that got Gi-yeong off his keester and up to the roof, dragging Yeong-hee behind. And we finally got the profession we had all been waiting for! YEAH! Good for Gi-yeong!

A flash-forward to the happy married couple who are expectantly waiting the birth of their first child. They are sitting together watching television and there on the screen is Goo-byeong; a brand new sci-fi author on a television program to talk about his book.

The epilogue is funny. As they are sitting there, Yeong-hee goes on to tell Gi-yeong the story about when she went to his apartment and he served her Maotang Noodles. Gi-yeong turns to her and says “Hey! You know you can’t eat that! It has chicken broth!!” Again, a nice cute romance/comedy for you. Enjoy, as you know I don’t often watch them. Saved by the broth!

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  1. Thanks for the recap.. Friends turned lovers is my catnip and thus 9E20 is one of my feel good dramas.. hopefully, this one will fall on the same category..

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