Movie Monday – Drama Special Bride in Sneakers (2015)

Starring: Lee Chung Ah as Park Bo Gyeong, Kim Jin Woo as Jang Hee Sun, Lee Yi Kyung as Gyu Cheol,

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 68 min

Twinkies: 3 stars

Synopsis: Lee Chung-ah and Kim Jin-woo are the leads in the last of KBS’s drama specials for the year. Lee boards the subway wearing a wedding dress paired with sneakers, and Kim’s the man who photographs her and uploads the pictures to Twitter. She’s a really, really unlucky person, while he’s the writer of a webtoon. They fall in love over the course of the evening.

Musings: I’ve been wanting to watch this one since it was released. Who wouldn’t want to know why a bride would be on the subway in the middle of the night with sneakers? As you can expect, it was a pretty fun movie to watch as Bo Gyeong chased down her runaway groom and Hee Sun was constantly there to rescue her. There were some pretty fun moments from when they first met, following him to his girlfriend’s house to borrow clothes, the gas station scene and finally watching the piece of trash groom run away again without any explanation. I’ve never watched Lee Chung Ah in anything but movies but who can forget Kim Jin Woo as the pest of an ex-boyfriend, Han Dong Min in Queen Inhyun’s Man. Definitely a fun movie to watch as Bo Gyeong chronicled the whole incident on his webtoon. Wait until you find out why the groom was running….unbelievable!!

No trailer is available but the movie is available on KBSWorld YouTube.

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