Movie Monday: Confession of Murder (2012)

Starring: Jung Jae Young as Choi Hyung Goo, Park Shi Hoo as Lee Doo Suk, Kim Jong Goo as the Snake Hunter, Kim Young Ae as Han Ji Soo, Woo Yong as Kang Do Hyuk, and Jo Eun Ji as Choi Kang Sook

Rating: R, subject matter and some violence

Running Time: 120 min

Twinkies: 4

Jung Jae Young as the tortured LT. Choi Hyung Goo


Park Shi Hoo as the Murderer Lee Doo Suk

Synopsis: After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he has committed, Lee Doo Suk publishes an autobiography, “I’m A Killer”, describing all his murders in great detail. Detective Choi, who investigated Lee’s murders 15 years ago, starts the chase once again and Han Ji-soo, who lost her daughter to Lee, pledges vengeance. Meanwhile, another killer appears, casting doubt to whether Lee is the real serial killer.

Musings: I watched this during the “dark Park Shi Hoo days” to lift my spirits. I search high and low but finally found it on a obscure site. Talk about being very, very happy!

So many twists and turns! Don’t blink and don’t turn your head! Jung Jae Young as the tortured Lt Choi and Park Shi Hoo as Doo Suk were excellent.

The supporting cast from Kim Young Ae to Jo Eun Ji also did a stellar job in reeling you into the story. The action sequences like the car chase, the alley chase as well as the ending scenes were well done and choreographed.

Like I said, don’t turn your head or fast forward because you will miss some serious details. Park Shi Hoo should do more action. His scene in the elevator was great to watch. Here’s hoping for a comeback in the movies. Still can’t wrap around my head people saying this was boring! Never a dull moment to me. But be warned, this is NOT a romance!! And definitely not for children or probably a lot of adults but this is my favorite genre!!

AND best of all, we get Park Shi Hoo swimming in a pool, in speedos! Yes!!

Trailer is available on on YouTube Website only. The movie is available on several sites. Ask me if your interested. Also available on Netflix if you are a subscriber.

For August, it’s all about Russ’ favorite ladies! That’s right, I will be reviewing at least one movie from Eugene, Shin Min Ah and Kim Jung Eun. Just haven’t finalized which movies….yet. Here’s to you, Russ!

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5 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Confession of Murder (2012)”

  1. Thanks for the headsup, this movie has been on my watch list for a minute.

    I just haven’t had time to even breathe as of late but…luckily it’s summer Vaca in Korea so no students/work/crazyschedules for a week, YAY!!!

  2. I actually found this movie to be quite disappointing, though I can’t blame the movie itself for that: my own expectations let me down.

    Going in, I thought I’d be watching a taut psychological thriller; instead, I got car chases. Lots and lots and lots of car chases. Not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for the movie review, NKA! 🙂

  3. NKA,
    It was nothing like what I thought it would be. I liked the stunts, made my body hurt watching ir lol. I like the girl with the crossbow. One hell of a shot. Had me fooled till the end. You still are on a roll!!

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