Movie Monday: Blind (2011)

Starring: Kim Ha Neul, Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Hie Bong, Yang Young Jo

Rating: PG-13

Twinkies: 4 out of 5 

Musings: This week’s “Movie Monday” selection is an unusual one in that I haven’t seen it. Although I have movies from my “collection” that I can recommend, I promised one of my church twinkers that I would recommend her selection this week in honor of her upcoming birthday. I hope you all will humor me as I recommend a movie that I have yet to see…and one I may not see for some time, at least not until I build up enough courage to brave the extreme suspense. LOL. My little twinker (Soobin) tells me this movie is one of the best suspense thrillers that she’s seen in quite some time, and from my experience, she’s a fairly good judge of movies. 🙂

The premise of the plot centers around a crime and two varying eye-witness accounts by our main characters, Kim Ha Neul (You Are My Pet) and Yoo Seung Ho (God of Study). To complicate the usual suspense thriller mold, Kim Ha Neul’s character is blind and subsequently stalked by a mysterious stranger after her testimony to the police. What ensues for the next two hours or so is a seat-gripping story of trying to find the murderer while the two main characters fight to stay alive. 

I’m curious to hear what some of you think of this movie. Please leave a comment down below…I may seriously gather up all my courage and watch this “nail-biter” if you guys recommend this movie as highly as my little twinker did. 

Below is a video of the trailer for you to check out! I wish you all a happy Monday!!! 😉  

Blind Trailer (English Subbed)

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20 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Blind (2011)”

  1. Hi Twinkie, don’t worry, its a great movie! watched it twice actually on board a flight to Dubai, hehe
    I enjoyed it, there’s a story to it, she became blind and lost her brother ( actually they both grow up in an orphange)from the accident then it time jumps to three years later.
    The suspense is fine as I’m not that brave myself, lol

    Definitely recommend this movie!!

    I just watched Mr Idol over the weekend, good one too

    Next on my list to watch is Man of Vendetta ( The great Kim Myung Min here, so can;t wait for this weekend! )

    Read about coffee so waiting for that one too!

    Go ahead and watch Blind, am sure you will like it

    1. You mentioned some movies that I’m definitely hoping to see this Spring Break when I have more time. 🙂 Would you say that Blind is PG-13 or R? I’m such a little chicken. LOL

      1. LOL, Tinkie i’m not sure how you rate it in US but this is mild compared to Man From Nowhere, hope this helps

        I think you shud be fine cos am also a chicken, hehe

        Forgot to mention Sunny ( saw it on board also ) i would say enjoyable, great cast..

        1. Ah…then closer to PG-13 then. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to this movie sometime this week. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback! Off to bed now…way past 1AM here. LOL

  2. Okay, I’ll admit, I had to watch the end first in order to watch the full movie. Bad thing to do but I don’t like being “on edge” for hours so it’s a habit I formed =( Was a good movie tho, even with knowing what happens =)

  3. The end was phenomenal! But Snoopy, it’s definitely PG-13. I had recommended it also when you talked about You’re my pet which I have yet to finished. This movie made me want to see everything Lee Han Neul has been and now I have a great appreciation of her as an actress! It’s a must-see!

  4. This was a great movie! Not in the rated R area at all, more suspense than violence. But definitely will have you on the edge of your seat!

    1. OK, you and the others have convinced me…this will be a movie I schedule to watch sometime this week…in the MORNING…so that I don’t creep myself out at night. LOL

  5. So I have been hearing about this movie for sometime now about how good it is. I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it but yet again Twinkie, you’ve changed my mind so I’m off to watch Blind and plus I really like Kim Ha Neul she is so daebok to me ^.^

    Happy Movie Mondays everyday!!!

    1. @KStyle, Paradise is also good! Stars Kim Han Neul also. Blind made me watch her other movies because it was so good!

  6. Cute movie to recommend: Meet the in-Laws (2011) with Lee Si Young. Found it on you-tube:

    Its in 8 parts. A comedy so its definitely PG-13! I loved Lee Si Young in Wild Romance so I am on the hunt for more! She’s a good comedian!

  7. I like yoo seungho, but the cover for this movie seems kinda creepy. ^^ I don’t know whether this movie is nice or not, I’ll like to hear from you if you watch this movie. ^^

    1. I now like yoo seung-ho because of this. Now I plan on watching Operation Proposal. I probably would not have if I had not seen this. Its good!

      1. i started liking him more after Blind too!! I saw him in God of Study and Queen Seonduk but i didn’t really like his roles in those dramas..

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