Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 7

My Secret Hotel 7

In Episode 7, Kdramaland collides with the world of K-variety as Hong Jin Young plays a cameo and mistakes our Jo Sung Gyeom for her We Got Married husband Namgoong Min (actor’s real name). Even more hilarious is that she calls him Goong Min oppa, referring to her earlier mistake of thinking his last name was Nam instead of Namgoong. Heh. I made the same mistake until Hong Jin Young’s error on WGM introduced me to the existence of 2-syllable Korean last names…learning new things every day… 🙂

In any case, I’ve been loving the Hong Jin Young-Namgoong Min couple and their multitude of drama vignettes on WGM. This cameo appearance of hers seems like just another of their playful scenes together. Heh…too cute! Without further ado, here’s today’s memorable quote from Episode 7 of My Secret Hotel.

You can see the raw episode here or here.

Video Clip: Translated dialogue starts from 1:13 of the video.

Hong Jin Young: (cradles his face in her hands and shakes it for good measure) It’s me, your/oppa’s wife. We got married.  

Jo Sung Gyeom: (stunned) I’ve never been married before.

Memorable Quote: “It’s me, your/oppa’s wife. We got married.”

Today’s memorable quote is a short one but one I couldn’t resist showcasing it. After all, I adore this couple on We Got Married and was thrilled to see them appear together in today’s episode. The veiled reference of Namgoong Min chasing after another woman isn’t lost on us. 🙂 These two are so adorable! The cute sound effects only add to the silliness of their little scene together. *silly fuzzies*

In any case, today’s episode has Sang Hyo reluctantly agreeing to “marry” Hae Young while Sung Gyeom is on a business trip, hence Sung Gyeom’s encounter with Hong Jin Young. 🙂 Rest assured…the awesome lines between Sung Gyeom and Sang Hyo continue. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the quote for today. I’ll see you tomorrow for Episode 8! Happy Monday, Twinkles!

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2 thoughts on “Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 7”

  1. is his surname not Nam and first name Goong Min? i’ve watched this couple but i didn’t really follow since the beginning besides skipping here and there and have only started to watched the full (no skipping) of their part just recently so i missed out on what HJY’s mistake is. could you explain? 😀

    1. That’s what I thought at firsts until I saw the WGM with Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young, and he corrected her on his last name. I was so surprised at learning that there were Korean names–albeit very few–that were two syllables that I immediately asked for confirmation from my father. Yes, there are a few. Interesting, huh?

      This is why I pointed out in the recent Glorious Day post that I had been calling our Hotel Uncle by the wrong name. Instead of Nam Goong Young, his name is actually Namgoong Young. *palms face* The things I learn…even at this age, huh? LOL

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