Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 6

My Secret 6

Yesterday was the beginning of this new little corner, and I thank you for all the love you’re showing our most recent addition to the weekly lineup. 🙂

Today’s memorable quote comes from Episode 6 of My Secret Hotel…*Deep sigh* Beware: Serious Case of Second Lead Syndrome! 

Video Clip: Translated dialogue starts from 2:49 in the video.

Jo Sung Gyeom: Miss Nam Sang Hyo…you really do make a person into an idiot.

Nam Sang Hyo: *silent*

Jo Sung Gyeom: How can you hide such a thing?

Nam Sang Hyo: *silent, tearful, and hangs head in apology*

Jo Sung Gyeom: My promise to wait for your reply…I’m negating that.

Nam Sang Hyo: *averts head in embarrassment*

Jo Sung Gyeom: Your words asking me to date you…I didn’t hear them. And from this moment forward, we…*looks intently at her face*…will start dating.

Memorable Quote: “My promise to wait for your reply…I’m negating that. Yours words asking me to date you…I didn’t hear them. And from this moment forward, we…will start dating.”

*happy sigh* How can I not like Jo Sung Gyeom when he gets all these great lines? Hmmm…?! It’s as if the writer is setting us up! LOL. Don’t get me wrong: I’m liking Sang Hyo with Gu Hae Young. I’ve always been a fan of Jin Yi Han, but seriously…when Namgoong Min‘s Jo Sung Gyeom gets so many squee-worthy lines, it’s difficult to remember that I’m supposed to want Sang Hyo to end up with Hae Young. *tries to clear head to no avail*

*zones out and mutters in monotone voice “I am a fan of Namgoong Min now”*

Heh…The next ten episodes are going to be interesting. Will Yi Han’s Hae Young step up his game and give Sung Gyeom a run for his money? Or will this be the classic case of an awesome Second Lead who, despite being too good for words, just can’t get the girl?

I suppose there’s also a third option in which the writer gets so attached to Sung Gyeom’s character that the final pairing switches. LOL. But yes, I agree with most of you that Sang Hyo will ultimately end up with her “true” love, Hae Young…especially if her expression after seeing Hae Young in the parking garage and being driven home by Sung Gyeom is any indication.

Until next week’s memorable quote from My Secret Garden then!

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4 thoughts on “Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 6”

    1. Heh…I guess you now know that I’ve been struggling with calling this series by its proper name. In my mind, I keep calling it My Secret Garden LOL

  1. I was really torn in this episode between the two guys. Oh my shipping heart. I’m starting to have a serious case of second lead syndrome. Ugh. Damn you Sung Gyeom. Why must you have all the good lines. I will say this though. If Sung Gyeom gets all the awesome lines then Hae Young gets all the heart wrenching glances. Damn can Jin Yihan act. I love how he makes you feel his pain just by using his facial expressions and his eyes. Im so excited to see what the writer has in store for us. I hope she makes a compelling case where either guy will be a good candidate for her to end up with. Let the battle begin 🙂

  2. Welcome to the Second Lead Syndrome Club! 😀
    By the way, our beloved turtle, Lee Sang Woo, is also the second lead in Feast of the God and Goddess of Marriage, but he ends up with the girl. So, can we say that NamGoong Min will maybe end up with Sang Yo? *please, writer-nim*

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