Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 5

My Secret Hotel 5

I am slowly making my way through tvN’s latest new rom-com titled My Secret Hotel, starring Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Namgoong Min. It’s a delightful and quirky show that’s providing many viewers with love and laughter every Mondays and Tuesdays.

Here’s a new little corner to start off our “Fall 2014” season: “Memorable Quote.” To introduce the quote, here’s a short glimpse into the conversation…

Video Clip: Translated dialogue starts at 0:40 seconds into the video

Jo Sung Gyeom: I asked you to eat ramyun with me because I wanted to ask you a question.

Nam Sang Hyo: What is it?

Jo Sung Gyeom: Do you know how long it takes for a person to realize he/she has fallen in love?

Nam Sang Hyo: *silent and clueless*

Jo Sung Gyeom: 3 minutes. The time it takes for ramyun to cook is sufficient time.

Nam Sang Hyo: *silent and still clueless*

Jo Sung Gyeom: Miss Nam Sang Hyo…what do you think about our…officially dating?

Nam Sang Hyo: *speechless but finally realizes his meaning”

Memorable Quote: “3 minutes. The time it takes for ramyun to cook is sufficient time.”

If you haven’t seen it yet,  you may want to take a peek. It’s an adorable little series that helps you ease your way back into the work week, especially after a long Monday. 🙂 Oh, and I should warn you: You’re going to get a serious case of Second-Lead Syndrome. 😉

As much as I adore Jin Yi Han, there’s something about the chemistry between Yoo In Na’s Nam Sang Hyo and Namgoong Min’s Jo Sung Gyeom that’s just undeniably compelling. *beams unrepentantly* Sorry, Jin Yi Han.

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18 thoughts on “Memorable Quote: My Secret Hotel Episode 5”

  1. i agree with the second lead syndrome! i never had it this bad from the beginning of a drama. since the first ep, i was torn between the two, i don’t know how am i going to last trying to root for both of them the next 10 episodes but i’ll try. haha looking forward to reading more snippets from you 😀

      1. and it’s not getting any better. 10 more episodes to go and both Hae Young and Sung Gyeom will kill me by the end of the this series. so sad that this week it’s on break 🙁

        1. Agreed! However, the lack of anything to watch today and yesterday finally prompted me to catch up on some missed episodes from a different series. 🙂

  2. I love Namgoong Min and Yoo Inna”s chemistry together – it is playful and indulgent and sweet, BUT i’m still with Jin Yi Han. His chemistry with Inna is electric, there’s an undercurrent and a buzz and just that mysterious palpitating feel to it when you see Hye Yeong and Sang Hyo together

    1. Please keep reminding me of this! Otherwise, I’m afraid that I may not recover from the Second Lead Syndrome I seem to have contracted. 😉

  3. The two of them have that undeniable chemistry but maybe I am just too used to Nam Gong Min’s “not getting the girl” roles that I only ship Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han. lol

  4. Sung Gyeom is making it very hard for me to keep shipping Sang Hyo and Hae Young, So far Sung Gyeom’s had all the best scenes with her. I loved the phone chats they had when she was scared to be alone 🙂 I loved the scene at the hotel when she asked him to go eat ramyun with her, he agreed and copied her move by touching his hair/ear. So cute.

    1. So you agree with me, right? How can I root for the leads if Sung Gyeom keeps getting all these awesome squee-inducing scenes and lines?! *glares in direction of Korea and the writer of the series*

  5. I watch this cos of yin. Don’t know any of the male leads b4 this drama. Somehow shipping her & the second lead since I first saw the stills & teasers. Btw is he really the second lead?

  6. I thought Namgoong Min was the first lead and Jin Yi Han is the second lead. Anyway, I hope Namgoong Min will end with Yoo In Na. My favorite scene so far was when she proposed him on Ep. 1.

    1. WHAT?! She proposed to him? OK, now I’ve GOT to make sure I watch 1 and 2. I’ve been at my usual skipping mode and jumped right into the series from 3 and 4. LOL

  7. I love this drama, too. I really like both men and think both would/could be good for her in many ways. No matter what though, she needs to gets some clarity about what happened in the past to move on. there is this deep connection between herself and her ex-husband that cannot be denied, but Sung Gyeom is really stepping it up here. I like that he not only really likes her but really respects her and her skill. And can I also say how much I like Yoo In Na’s clothes in this show? I have said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating. She actually wears clothes that I believe a working woman would wear. I am so done with those short short skirts that anyone who has ever had to run up stairs or get a paper jam out of a copier in an office would know DO NOT work.

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